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Help bring our loved one home! / GoFundME

Hi, My name is Mike. Recently, my fiancée Linda went to Thailand for a business venture. She did great and she almost finished getting everything together but in doing so has run out of funds to be able to get back home. She did all of this for me, to give us a better life […]

Lost my son, need help for home and survive

https://gofund.me/6eb705df gf.me/u/zfh9uk Lost my son, need help for home and survive

Baby Logan Emergency Fund

Due to the current conditions of the world, Myself and my family are experiencing a financial hardship. We are trying to be as prepared as possible for Baby Logan’s arrival. As all mothers and fathers know, something always pops up we are unprepared for, surgery, Hospital bills,and due to the pandemic and limited working hours, […]

Together We Can Bring Michael Home

please check campagin as i had it re written by a professional so it should be good in there please also go through campagin and grab any pics you want for press release whichever you think will do well DO NOT INCLUDE THIS TOP PART HERE IN ANY POST ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ When traveling on holiday, you […]


Please see actual description. Shorten version: A-List Party Rentals, A-List Party Central, along with many other mom-and-pop organizations have been out of business. While we are actively playing our part in the process, after exhausting all resources, we have now realized that there is no real help accessible to us. We either liquidize and lose […]

Needing a car for transportation

This may not seem important to anyone but for me I think it help me out a lot, I’ve been working since I was 16 I’m now 18, the only issue I have with working is transportation, I’ve lost a job because of this and some days I have to call in to work because […]

Help us to fight hunger during quarantine!

HELP US TO PROVIDE FOOD SECURITY TO MANY FAMILIES IN COLOMBIA! Donators will get pictures and/or testimonies from beneficiaries. Soacha major said “Here, more people will die of hunger than because of Coronavirus ”. Location: Altos de Cazucá, Soacha, Colombia. This community is located at the periphery of the country’s capital: Bogotá. This is one […]

Finger Tip Funds ZumaFunder.com GoFundMe Booster

Back in September of 2019, while busy on a woodworking project I lost control of a piece of lumber and my index finger tip was ground off by a high speed cutting blade. At the time (naturally on a Saturday morning) I immediately went to the local emergency room for treatment as I was bleeding […]

Stopping William From Becoming Homeless ZumaFunder.com CrowdFunding Booster

In the year 2019 I had two strokes and am now on a walker, and facing homelessness in the middle of winter. I’m asking any on who can, to please help. I never invisioned that it would come to this. I’m a month behind on rent and most of my bills. I applied for disability […]

New Furnace ZumaFunder.com CrowdFunding Booster

I am trying to raise money for a new furnace. My daughter and I are living in a cold trailer with only 2 space heaters. Our old furnace is 47 years old and not working. I have no way to finance or pay for a new furnace and am desperate to heat our home right […]