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Return to Her Side Violence Viral Exposure Booster

Please Help Shawn recover from Workplace Violence Viral Exposure Booster

Hello, my name is Christina Power. My Husband, Shawn, who is turning 39 years old and was recently diagnosed with multiple mental illnesses and Type II CRPS. Shawn is known by many as a very talented, giving, and fun loving man. Over the last three years, he has fallen into a very dark place with […]

Non-profit Organization seeks funding for New Instruments for Youth Orchestra for Mental Health Awarness Month Event

Hello my name is Jessica I am the founder of the newest nonprofit organization in Philadelphia Pennsylvania our first annual. Music Mindz Multicultural Arts Festival. We are currently raising awareness for mental health we are helping to spread the word about mental health screening through social media and through this music and mental health event. […]

Bring Star Home! Viral Exposure Booster

We purchased a trip to Italy for our 11th anniversary using our tax return. The day before our return flight my wife was rushed to the emergency room and diagnosed with a pulmonary embolism and pneumonia. Our friends started a fundraiser for us to help pay for medical expenses, return expenses, and daily expenses while […]

Life changing help Viral Exposure Booster

A little about my story.  6 years ago my son was born with pch a life changing birth defect. Doctors gave him 3 years to live as a fighter he was he blessed up with 4 great years. During that time things were as great as we could make it for him. He passed away […]

Blackmailed with sex tape by Bishop Life changing help Viral Exposure Booster

My name is Andre’a Garrison . Some of you may know me or heard my story others may not. I am a young woman who was dating a Bishop out of Ohio . This Bishop had dated me for 8 years on and off and got engaged on me two weeks prior to me being […]

Millo help for studies surgery and treatments Viral Exposure Booster

Hi, I’m Emiliano André, but they say Millo of love. My intention is to tell you a little about my story because today I need your help. I have been suffering from some cardiac problem for some time a bronchial problem which makes me cough frequently, recently I was detected a tumor. All this requires […]

HELP Linda Conquer Cancer Viral Exposure Booster

We have all had someone in our lives who are currently battling or have battled Cancer. I’m asking any and all communities to help me raise money to help my mother, they found a mass on her kidney, & shes now currently battling Kidney Cancer, and with the insurance she has its not enough to […]

Culture Shock: An Original Comedy Series Kickstarter Viral Exposure Booster

Culture Shock: An Original Comedy Series A comedic original series about the foolishness of the millennial​ generation.

Baby Jean cancer fundraiser Viral Exposure Booster

My 6 year old English Pointer has cancer and I am trying to raise money for the vet for surgery