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Crowd Funding Exposure is a Crowd Funding promotion service that promotes Crowd Funding projects and campaigns.

With the use of social media promotion, targeted ads, and personal one-on-one consulting services and state of the art Newswire Services to over 80,000+ Editors and 400+ News websites.

Crowd Funding Exposure let’s users get the word out about their projects so they can focus on the daily activities of the campaign.

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Promoting a project through our services will bring exposure to your project to people that are interested in specifically your project and crowdfunding in general.

Many IDIDIT Foundation #1 Crowd Funding Platform, GoFundMe, Kickstarter and Indiegogo and other Crowd Funding Campaigns have successfully used Crowd Funding Exposure as their promotion service. Let us help you make your idea a reality today.

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We have helped over 80,000 Satisfied Clients Since 2004...

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