Please help me start over GoFundME FREE Crowd Funding Exposure Campaign

I am in need of help please if your able to donate to my cause please help. I am starting over and need help with deposits and I need a vehicle to get around. I’m on SSI and just got section 8 so I can finally get a place I just can’t afford the moving and deposit expenses.

I know many of you are just as broke as I am but for the price of breakfast you can help make a difference. If your not able to donate please help by sharing this post to hopefully reach as many people as possible. Thank you
Brightest blessings

Donations can also be made through PayPal

Hit and run on students car GoFundME FREE Booster CrowdFunding Campaign

My friend got her car damaged she is a student in England and she doesn’t have sore money to fork out on repairs any help would be gratefully appreciated!

I am setting up this account of behalf of Demi. On Friday the 2nd of November at approximately 13:15 Bournemouth, Demi’s car was involved in a hit and run.

She was parked on the pavement to avoid anyone hitting her car. She is a very cautious driver and always like to make sure that it is well out of the way. Unfortunately we do not have the Reg number of the vehicle that has caused the damages to her car. So therefore we can not identify the driver and get any help towards the damages to the car.

We are asking anyone who can spare £5 to help go towards the repairs of her car , she is a student at Bournemouth University and does not have spare money around.

We will be grateful for any spare change that could go towards the repair of the damage.

Depression awareness through journaling GoGetFunding Campaign

Many young people live with depression without even realising it until it is too late. The campaign is meant to raise funds to print journals with guided pages that help prevent and limit the increase of depression among young people in Kenya

Having experienced depression first hand in the recent past, I was in awe on the lack of awareness in Kenya, especially with the young generation. I was able to overcome by writing my thoughts down and this drove me to create journals for myself.

The aim of this campaign is to print out the journals and educate teenagers on importance of writing out our fears, anxiety, gratitude and successes as form of fighting depression and eradicating the stigma


Gary Spradlin FREE Coffee Express KickStarter FREE Booster

I’m attempting to raise money to open my first store. And then take the sales from that store and start building more I hope to build five within the next two years 15 to 20 within the next five years.

Support Here

My name is Gary Spradlin. I’m looking to open a chain coffee shop that are very efficient and cost-effective as well as great quality (just as good or better than national chains). This project is to help fund my first location and then fund the next location with sales from first and so on. I have managed and owned other Food and Beverage establishments, successfully in the past. But, I had partners to answer to then, and they could not envision growth. With out growth you are scratching out a living. So I sold my interests to get away from that situation.  I am going into business for myself (without partners) since it is difficult for me to keep a good job with my health issues, kidney disease. I am looking to take charge of my Health and Financial situation. No longer allowing someone else to control my destiny any longer. Failure and success ride solely with myself. So I designed a way to afford better health insurance and stabilize my family income. Disability is not an option for me. I am still able to work, so I will. With your help I can do for myself and my family. Anyone may contact me with questions at any time. I will answer any and all messages.

On disability about to go homeless GoFundME FREE Booster

Hello Neighbors, friends and strangers! 

Desperate times call for desperate measures so I am doing everything i possibly can to keep from being homeless in the next 2-3 weeks.

My name is Melanie and I am campaigning for emergency moving funds.
On August 5th  I was given a notice to move due to the building going under renovations as well as up for sale. The new rents would be a 60% increase and i already just get by on my small SSI income.

I have lived in this neighborhood for over 16 years and have been on ssi with no other income for the past few years of that.
Though my everyday stress aside from my health problems has been to save for the future and moments like these; I have not been able despite my  best efforts.
I am not proud of it; i pinched every penny and just flat out went with out to get by as a regular way of life. There is always a pop up expense like medications, a higher then avg FPL bill, etc.
prices went too high too fast and now I’m up the creek without a paddle.   I  could really use your blessings! And Any little bit you can spare would be greatly greatly appreciated and never forgotten.
If you are local to me and would like to stop by I will be having a moving sale.

My Plan
If lucky enough to get to my full goal amount, I will move to a more affordable state out of Florida. (i have 3 in mind)
After researching everything; This is my bare bones break down of moving expenses that i desperately need help with.

1-2 month Storage unit in the new area $150
Greyhound bus ticket (avg $190 for me and my service dog)
Motel stay for a few nights 3-4 days as I look for another apartment in new state. avg $250

Since I can not drive (never have) I would need to rent a small pod or mover to deliver my things to the out of state storage unit and those estimates are averaging upwards of 800-1000 dollars.  that’s with out furniture just my boxes.

The biggest expense is the help needed for security dep which is first last and security. Based on finding a $450-500 a month apartment=1,500.

If I am blessed with some help and there is even a penny left over it would be used to purchase a bed and pay for other deposits/fees I might have to deal with like the electric company, etc.
I have no problem what so ever posting the receipts on here as funds get used.

If I did not move out of state the numbers would be almost triple because of the high cost of rents here. The only way I can hold my own again is to re-locate. If I stay in Florida I will wind up in the same predicament.

I tried all local agencies, churches and the like have turned me away for help because they just don’t have it available and i don’t have children.

Thank you so much for reading, sharing and understanding. Please help me from being homeless.


Generosity of the American People GoFundME Booster

I am Roger Brantley. I work in the Oilfield and work over 100 hours a week. I make a decent living for my family. I pay all my bills on time. I am married with 4 kids. My oldest son and his wife and his 3 kids also live in my home while he finishes his Nursing Degree. (10 people in my home). I tithe 10% of all my income every 2 weeks to charity.

I have a goal to pay off my house and become completely debt free! I have been reading biographies on American greats such as Napoleon Hill, Henry Ford, Andrew Carnegie, Thomas Edison, Dave Ramsey etc. All of these men had the philosophy of trying something out of the ordinary and they didn’t come from a family of money. They had an “Idea”!

I am doing an experiment to test the generosity of people. I am asking 200,000 people for $2. That is it… “$2” “TWO DOLLARS”. This is usually about the amount of change that people have in their console or ash tray of their vehicle or laying on their dresser.

Before I go any further, I have no Sympathy story, I am not ill and no one in my family is ill. You don’t know me and you don’t owe me a dime, this is not a charity nor is it going to a charity. This is strictly an experiment. I did not want to use Social Media for such a personal experiment. (Have a plan, Plant the seed, Have faith it will grow and when it does be a blessing to others) This experiment is as titled “The Generosity of American People” But it is more importantly the test of how we have ALL heard “God blesses People thru People” (I have a hard time believing the world is as bad as we hear on the 24 hour news cycle media!) this experiment will prove one way or the other!

If or WHEN this idea is successful and the American spirit has proved my experiment to be a success. I will notify everyone involved to let them know the results. I plan on writing a book and listing the generous people in the credits if they desire. This will encourage other people to make a plan, develop their idea or act on any burning desire.


Roger Brantley

Please send whatever is in your heart to give to:

Roger Brantley

P.O Box 8146

Shreveport, Louisiana 71148

Thank you and your chance is right around the corner!

Knee Surgery Medical Costs GoFundMe Campaign

Raising money to cover medical costs after knee surgery My name is Patrice Russell, and I’ve just undergone surgery for my knee. I have had an osteotomy, a knee arthroscopy, and patellofemoral joint replacement surgery. I had been suffering from chronic knee dislocations for over 13 years, and due to the lack of insurance, or any kind of parental care, the issue got to the point where I pretty much had no tissue under my knee to keep it in place, and to keep me on my feet.

Unfortunately, I had no choice but to undergo the surgery, and order to move on with my life, the issue was beginning to keep me from doing even the simplest of daily tasks, and from doing my job. It even pushed school back for me.

Currently, I support myself, besides my job I have no other form of income, and with this surgery I am not allowed to be weight-baring, or too mobile. I’ve just begun my physical therapy in hopes of recovering faster, and I’m already making great progress for being two weeks out of surgery.

But of course, none of this is free, and I am currently on FMLA leave from my job until I am able to get back on my feet, literally. I have a lot of bills, not only including the bill for surgery, the hospital, and physical therapy, but also my rent, food, insurance, pet expenses, and so on. Anything would help to get through these next few months, and I would be forever grateful to anyone who is able to donate anything to help me on my road to recovery.

Thank you.


My SEO Workbook: Write your way to more traffic from search

The purpose of this campaign is to create a resource to get more businesses started with creating content and optimizing their site for search engines a.k.a get your SEO done.

While social media has been a primary focus for traffic strategy for marketers and entrepreneurs in recent years, last year SEO outpaced social media driving 35% of site visits vs. only 26% from social media.

My SEO Workbook is an activity-rich search engine optimization guide to help achieve the goal of SEO and get more traffic and customers to find their business online.


Total Loss House Fire

My children and I are homeless due to a fire. As such, the kids are not attending school. My depression is at its literal worst state right now. I have been begging for help but it has been unsuccessful.

I am scared. That is the truth of the matter. If no relief comes, I will be left with no choice but to consider Foster Care.

My children and I experienced a house fire on August 16th. As such, we lost our home and have been struggling to manage since. The costs of shelter have been astronomical, and have unfortunately taken an incredible toll on my finances. This includes the Savings. I have been paying upwards of $200 per night in numerous hotels or furnished homes. I am very literally bankrupted as a result of these costs.

I have had to make peace with the fact that I truly do need help at this point in my life, and that is why I created this campaign. The children are not currently attending school right now, and are lacking the necessary supplies needed to even do so. We have been staying at a friend’s place for the last few days. I am so incredibly grateful to her, but it is definitely challenging for not only us, but her as well. Space is very limited. I very seriously and truly need to get these kids into a proper home.

This has been a very traumatic and difficult experience. I am struggling to cope, admittedly. I also know that the kids are struggling. It’s very difficult to manage. That being said, there is no lack of gratitude here. We survived it, and I acknowledge how fortunate that we are in this regard. That really is the ultimate blessing and I know how much worse that it could have been. Unfortunately though, we just need some support to get through this storm, and hopefully rebuild our lives going forward.

I am a sole support parent. I just can’t carry this one on my own. If you are interested in helping us recover, your donation will be going towards the first and last months rent of a new home, school supplies and groceries, and assisting with the costs of fuel and maintenance to not wind up with a broken down vehicle. It’s on the older side and definitely has it’s issues. But, it’s been good to me thus far and I just need it to hang in a bit longer. I will be posting updates as updates come. I want to ensure that anyone who contributes knows how far their act of kindness has gone and how that kindness has given back not only physical necessities, but also hope.

I am a painfully shy person when it comes to things like this. If it wasn’t to such a desperate degree, I would certainly never create a campaign. I can’t fully express how humbled and grateful that I actually am to you. Thank you for considering our situation.

I look forward to personally contacting you to express my gratitude for your help. I also look forward to being able to support others when my time of need has passed. Again, thank you so much.

This is terrible.

Engineered to bring perfectly timed fitness supplements to a $133 Billion market

Engineered to bring perfectly timed fitness supplements to a $133 Billion market.  Our brand, “Day Night Aid for Professional Fitness” provides a carefully engineered line of nutritional supplements, designed to satisfy the day and night requirements of those seeking to lose weight and optimize athletic performance.

The three major components – dietary supplements, fitness equipment, and accessories – are designed to ensure our customers get maximum results.