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Kumo is a Single player exploration puzzle adventure where you will join a young boy on his journey through a forgotten kingdom above the clouds, cross gaping canyons, fly across beautiful cloud filled landscapes and even explore ancient architecture where you will uncover a forgotten past and maybe find the answer Kumo is looking for.

Kumo is a Single player exploration puzzle adventure where you will join a young boy on his journey through a forgotten kingdom above the clouds, cross gaping canyons, fly across beautiful cloud filled landscapes and even explore ancient architecture where you will uncover a forgotten past and maybe find the answer Kumo is looking for.

The forgotten kingdom of Kumo is filled with interactable Runes hidden puzzles and secrets. Use remaining magic glyphs to discover the mysteries lying in this forgotten kingdom.

The land has a beautifully handcrafted feeling using the environment to create a compelling story with beautiful graphics.

Control your spirit with full free movement to solve any puzzle how you see fit.

Your spirit will help you interact with everything and is key to providing you with the way forwards, upwards and onwards!

I have been working on Kumo for almost two years, so what is there left to do? At this point 95% of the gameplay mechanics are finished and fully functional. But it requires a lot of attention and iteration to provide the best environmental story possible.

Have a listen to the beautiful soundtrack pieces created by Jamal Green and Louis Jon Campion

So i’ll be finishing the final few game-play mechanics, working on the making the world more impacting and challenging puzzles.

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Kumo is solely developed on my own (Benjamin Gregg). Before I started working on Kumo I was a freelance environment artist and high poly 3D artist for 5 years. Working in this industry made me appreciate all the varieties of different worlds that i have created. From small realistic worlds to large beautiful mystical ones. But working for myself has allowed me to keep my mind fresh, which is why I decided to create Kumo to explore a development process I had never experienced before. This has led me to meet some amazing developers who do some of the most inspiring work.

Kumo is currently planned for Steam and Epic games store (Windows & Mac) in November 2019,

I would love to port to over systems such as (Xbox, Switch, PlayStation) at some point if it becomes possible.

Kumo will be supported on Game pad as well as Mouse and Keyboard straight away at launch and will release in the following languages.

Going through Kickstarter is quite risky, and does require a lot of work and concentration, which may cause a lot of stress. But there are many reasons of why I chose to crowdfund Kumo by choosing Kickstarter:

Keeping it personal – Since I started Kumo I have met so many wonderful people, from developers to fans. And the feedback I have received from them keeps me motivated and makes me enjoy the development as I speak with each person individually. And I hope to bring more to the table at the same time.

Staying true to development – I want to keep Kumo personal, as it has been for all of its development so far. I have declined Publishers who have approached me, so that I can keep the process going as I feel suits it best.

Risks and challenges

I am certain I don’t have to explain that everything somebody does can come with risks throughout. There is always something hiding round the corner.

But Kumo is already very very close to my heart and many others and everything is already there. Just a bit more time and dedication is required to provide a game that will be good enough. I have provided myself with extra time in case anything does happen I can say with confidence that the deadline is perfect.

Help Us Reforest The Amazon Save Lives GoFundME FREE Booster CrowdFundingExposure.com

Hey! I’m Alex. Thank you for looking at my page! I’m an Environmental Science Honours student, and doing this degree has seriously opened my eyes to the devastation going on in and around the Amazon Rainforest. Over 1 million hectares of rainforest have been lost to deforestation over the years and the wildlife is in rapid decline. Animals lose their homes and their lives, and in turn the food chain becomes affected. Just to put things into perspective, the Amazon is the world’s largest rainforest and the largest river basin on the planet. More species are found here than anywhere else.

The region is believed to be home to 10% – 1 in 10 – known species on Earth. Of plant species found in this region, 75% are unique to the Amazon, and there are 3,000 species of fish, the largest number of freshwater fish species in the world. Today, the Amazon is facing a multitude of threats as a result of unsustainable economic development; 20% of the Amazon biome has already been lost and the trend will worsen if gone unchecked. Amazon is the biggest deforestation front in the world and interventions are urgently needed to prevent a large-scale, irreversible ecological disaster.

WWF estimates that 27 per cent – more than a quarter – of the Amazon biome will be without trees by 2030 if the current rate of deforestation continues. That’s a crazy number. So, where’s your money going? Unlike many charities, I can tell you exactly where your money will go, and I’m going to be totally open and honest about it. First off, 20% of the total target will be going to my chosen wildlife charity, the WWF.

They do some amazing work for wildlife all around the world, they submit honest financial reports and have genuinely made a difference. You can find out more about this charity, and donate, here: https://www.wwf.org.uk/what-we-do/area-of-work/tackling-forest-loss-and-damage The rest of the money will fund my flights, travel and medical insurance, vaccines, accommodation, food and equipment I’ll need during my stay. What will I be doing? For duration of my stay, I and an enthusiastic team will be reforesting; planting trees; helping wild animals at local sanctuaries and in the wild and nursing them back to health, and educating local communities on the environment and the affects of deforestation. Not a single penny of this is going to myself, but entirely to allow me to travel to this unique destination and help a small team get on with an Amazon project with a big impact. I will be doing this project through Helpstay. You can see a bit more here:

https://helpstay.com/stays/Amazon-Conservation-Project-Peru#overview Please do note that if funding does, for any reason go exceptionally higher than the target, there’s the possibility of funding the project further, including more volunteers, more trees, more animals being treated and, in fact, it would make the project grow from a small one to a large one. Who knows where this could go? Thank you so much for helping towards this cause! If you have any questions, please do feel free to contact me 🙂


Help me get back up on my feet FREE GoFundME Viral Exposure CrowdFundingExposure.com

Hi, I am Abhishek, from Kolkata, India.
I am 31 years old and a small scale businessman. Till 2016 I was doing fine. I got a place of my own and a shop of my own. In this process I put in all my savings and took loan for the rest. And got my property mortgaged. Right after that the financial turmoil started in my country. And my business started getting effected badly. To save my business and my family expenses I took few personal loans and also maxed out my credit cards. I did everything possible to get out of the loss but failed. The EMIs started eating away my profits and my capital started diminishing. After a whole year I stand at a place where all my business capital is destroyed. My credit cards maxed out and I am behind on my mortgage payments. I tried contacting several banks for credit restructuring but received no help from anywhere. I have a family, my parents are old. They need constant treatment and medicines, my elder brother is a patient of Cerebral Palsy. My wife is undergoing gynecological treatment. All these heap of expenses along with the mortgage payments have completely tackled me to the ground and left me with no way out. I am on the verge of loosing my house and be left stranded with my parents and my handicapped brother. I even get threats for legal proceedings against me and fear being jailed. If any of these happen. My family will not survive.
I earnestly request to help get me out of debt. As I am in such a situation that I have no money even to invest in my business and earn. Even the company’s I work with have withdrawn my line of credit. And whatever little I earn is getting spent either in loan interest or to feed my family.
I am in a very acute situation.
Help of any kind will be accepted. Be it a grant or a low interest loan. I need to get out of this grave situation to get up on my feet. Every word I speak is true. I can verify each and every detail.
Please help me. For my family’s sake. For my sake, if I fail to help my family that depend on me I will not be able to live with myself. Help me Clear out my Debts.
You are my Hope for help.
If it is in your power, find me a way out of this painful situation.

Help Us Re-Open Our Martial Arts School FREE GoFundME Viral Exposure CrowdFundingExposure.com

Due to unforeseen circumstances, on December 3rd our martial arts school was closed suddenly when one of the original owners decided to abruptly shut down without warning. This sudden closure left dozens of students, many of them children, devastated and without a facility to train.

We the instructors realize this school has become bigger than ourselves, and re-opening is essential to the children, our community and our dedicated students.

I’ll Never Forget My High School Friends

“I’ll Never Forget My High School Friends” is an upcoming feature film from Raza Rizvi and Sam Ashurov exploring the relationships we develop in our adolescence and how these relationships carry on into our adulthood. We’ve already secured half our budget for the film, but we need YOUR help to make this vision become a reality!

VOID – HEPTAGON mathematically solid of constant width !

A childhood addiction; solid, high quality, a pocket-sized, elegant toy designed to help you focus and meditate.

Trump tweet n’da Peeps game

The climbers called tweets versus the wall supporter Peeps square off in this magnetic dart game watch out for Congress and the big red nose first player to 2020 wins

Please help me start over GoFundME FREE Crowd Funding Exposure Campaign

I am in need of help please if your able to donate to my cause please help. I am starting over and need help with deposits and I need a vehicle to get around. I’m on SSI and just got section 8 so I can finally get a place I just can’t afford the moving and deposit expenses.

I know many of you are just as broke as I am but for the price of breakfast you can help make a difference. If your not able to donate please help by sharing this post to hopefully reach as many people as possible. Thank you
Brightest blessings

Donations can also be made through PayPal  mickey2652@gmail.com


Hit and run on students car GoFundME FREE Booster CrowdFunding Campaign

My friend got her car damaged she is a student in England and she doesn’t have sore money to fork out on repairs any help would be gratefully appreciated!


I am setting up this account of behalf of Demi. On Friday the 2nd of November at approximately 13:15 Bournemouth, Demi’s car was involved in a hit and run.

She was parked on the pavement to avoid anyone hitting her car. She is a very cautious driver and always like to make sure that it is well out of the way. Unfortunately we do not have the Reg number of the vehicle that has caused the damages to her car. So therefore we can not identify the driver and get any help towards the damages to the car.

We are asking anyone who can spare £5 to help go towards the repairs of her car , she is a student at Bournemouth University and does not have spare money around.

We will be grateful for any spare change that could go towards the repair of the damage.

Depression awareness through journaling GoGetFunding ViralExposure.us Campaign

Many young people live with depression without even realising it until it is too late. The campaign is meant to raise funds to print journals with guided pages that help prevent and limit the increase of depression among young people in Kenya

Having experienced depression first hand in the recent past, I was in awe on the lack of awareness in Kenya, especially with the young generation. I was able to overcome by writing my thoughts down and this drove me to create journals for myself.

The aim of this campaign is to print out the journals and educate teenagers on importance of writing out our fears, anxiety, gratitude and successes as form of fighting depression and eradicating the stigma

PLEASE SUPPORT https://gogetfunding.com/depression-awards-through-journaling/