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Full Service Crowd Funding Marketing Agency

Our crowdfunding marketing experts are specialists in fundraising, content writing, digital marketing, social media promotion, graphic design, videos, web design, and campaign development. We have been involved with crowdfunding and fundraising since 2004 and have worked with over 80,000 clients to date.

We Are A Full-Service Crowdfunding Marketing Agency

We believe that crowdfunding is not a “post it and forget it” proposition. Crowdfunding campaigns may be seen by people who browse the crowdfunding platform website and it might get listed in the search engines, but this is not enough. The most successful crowdfunding campaigns can be extremely helpful to a new business looking to startup and raise some capital, an established business trying to expand, or an artist looking to release a debut album. Unfortunately, sometimes crowdfunding creation and marketing efforts can prove to be far too time-consuming for business owners that have other things to worry about like managing their employees, handling customers, and the hectic daily operations of running their business. That’s where we come in.

If you started your campaign already, we can provide crowdfunding consulting to offer advice on how you can improve your campaign. We’ll do crowdfunding social media marketing to a targeted network of people interested in crowdfunding, philanthropy, and giving great concepts or ideas. Sending out a Crowdfunding Press Release and market it to the mass general audience by distributing your press release to such sites like:

The Motley Fool, Gizmodo, Forbes, The Weather Channel, Discovery, HowStuffWorks, Lifehacker, BusinessWire, Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times, the Associated Press,,,,, and Google News.

Here is a sample of our Crowdfunding Marketing Distribution channels:

CrowdFunding Exposure Social Media Twitter Facebook Exposure
CrowdFunding Exposure Search Engines SEO News Paper and News Exposure
CrowdFunding Exposure RSS Feeds News Paper and News Exposure
CrowdFunding Exposure Industry News Paper and News Exposure
CrowdFunding Exposure International News Paper and News Exposure
CrowdFunding Exposure Regional News Paper and News Exposure
CrowdFunding Exposure News Paper and News Exposure
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