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The #1 KickStarter Campaign Marketing Promotion Experts!

At CrowdFunding Exposure you can expect to see results in as little as just 1 week from the commencement of our intensive social media promotions.

Our combined network, exclusive to Crowd Funding Exposure clients is part of our package.  Our full-service package includes everything: paid advertisement, promoted posts, shout-outs on popular pages, organic promotion, content marketing, cross-promotion, audience building, page features, targeted tweets, Geo location targeting, and more!

How does it Work.. is it really that Simple?

1. You Sign Up below.

Click the Buy Now button, complete payment and then a short form and we will start promoting your KickStarter CrowdFunding Campaign in no time! We are the experts, let us do the work for you!

2. We will Promote you

CrowdFunding Exposure will market and promote your Kickstarter CrowdFunding Campaign using our Social Media Network, the largest of its kind. We have developed our network since 2004 consisting of Angels, Investors, Backers, News Media Members, Journalists, Reporters, and many more interested people thereby increasing your visibility and exposure to its maximum potential

3. Get Crowd Funding

It’s called Crowd Funding Exposure for a reason. Through the “Crowd,” we expose your KickStarter Campaign using Social Media like Twitter and Facebook, Journalists, and of course, a great PR or Press Release which has been known to bring MANY hundreds if not thousands of new potential funders, backers, investors, and maybe even customers, depending on your individual KickStarter Campaign and custom requirements.

KickStarter Campaign

CrowdFunding Exposure Promotion Silver PR + Social Plan Reach 3,575,000+ Angels, Backers, Donors, Investors Facebook + Twitter
$ 299
One Time Charge
  • 30 Day KickStarter Campaign
  • + Personalized Phone Outreach
  • + Dedicated PR Expert
  • + Guaranteed Google Placement
  • Expert PR Content Writing
  • Advanced Keyword Targeting
  • Fully Personalized Tweets – Keyword
  • Permanent Featured Exposure – Excellent Exposure!
  • Guaranteed Google Placement
  • Press Release Promotion – *Includes up to 2x Press Releases!
  • Journalist Promotion
  • You write your own Press Release, We Edit Your Release OR Our Editor Writes for you
    YOUR CHOICE! and of Course our Famous Double Back Guarantee!
  • Email Support & 100% Managed
Kickstarter marketing crowdfunding crowdfundingexposure viral marketing
Kickstarter marketing crowdfunding crowdfundingexposure viral marketing
Kickstarter marketing crowdfunding crowdfundingexposure viral marketing