Needing a car for transportation

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This may not seem important to anyone but for me I think it help me out a lot, I’ve been working since I was 16 I’m now 18, the only issue I have with working is transportation, I’ve lost a job because of this and some days I have to call in to work because I can’t find a ride or I show up late waiting on my ride which is unprofessional. Somedays I’ll ask friends to take me and pay them gas money but it’s not a reliable way some days they’ll be busy and some days they just won’t feel like taking me. My mom usually takes me but since she’s started working too it’s now a challenge for her to try to get me to work on time and herself on time. I don’t wanna put her through that stress or make her feel guilty she can’t take me on days. It would be a big help and a big step for me if I could get my own vehicle and it would be so much better for both of us. I think I would buy a cash car between 2k -3k or maybe even do a down payment and pay monthly. I’d really appreciate it thank you