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Back in September of 2019, while busy on a woodworking project I lost control of a piece of lumber and my index finger tip was ground off by a high speed cutting blade.

At the time (naturally on a Saturday morning) I immediately went to the local emergency room for treatment as I was bleeding profusely. The emergency room staff and attending doctor were all very nice, empathetic, and professional. I provided my insurance information and documentation for treatment.

I received 2 separate bills from the emergency room and attending doctor for services rendered. My insurance did not cover the visit due to a technical issue. I researched options I might have and discovered that I am “on the hook “for the cost of service. $9800 worth. Which I don’t have and have no means of getting.

I am asking anyone that is willing to help out with any donation amount possible to help me out of this financial disaster. Thank you all in advance for any help you can give!

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