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Help us to fight hunger during quarantine!

Donators will get pictures and/or testimonies from beneficiaries.

Soacha major said “Here, more people will die of hunger than because of Coronavirus ”.

Location: Altos de Cazucá, Soacha, Colombia.
This community is located at the periphery of the country’s capital: Bogotá. This is one of the most affected areas touched by violence and displacement in the whole region.

During these tough times, Proyecto Espace: (a community social iniciative) has taken lead over the community safety collecting food, contacting suppliers, ensuring donations to deliver food kits, all held by local donations from friends and foundations. To put together food kits they rely on community farmers, as well as their own orchards and even local markets.

However, now they’re facing a tough situation trying to reach as many families as they can while there’s every time more and more people in need.

By giving just 5eur you’re contributing to buy one individual food kit or personal health kit. So, your contribution can reach as many people as you want!

Every food kit contains: beans, oil, potatoes, spaghetti, salt, sugar, among other essential items. Your contribution also helps to cover transportation costs.

Little or big your donation can be, families from Cazucá will be very gratefull with you, and we are going to post both pictures and testimonies from the beneficiaries in Proyecto Escape social media.

About Proyecto Escape:
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Proyecto Escape (Escape Project, a community iniciative) borns as a way out to escape from violence, lack of education and opportunities. Their main aim is to promote development in their social environment through cultural practices in the artistic, environmental, academic and sport areas, to improve the quality of life of children, youth and mothers of the community, enhancing their skills and competences.

Some facts:
Soacha’s population goes up to 556.268, there’s more than 56.000 displaced persons, 1900 families which main economic activity is recycling and almost have of the population lives in extreme poverty.