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My name is Michael Petrillo. I’m from West Orange, NJ. I live here with my wife Judith and our three sons John, 16, Michael,13, and Joshua, 12. Let me tell you our story.

Both my wife and I grew up in poverty, with both sets of parents struggling to provide. We met and fell in love, and we are blessed to have three smart, beautiful sons. When we were kids, both my wife and I had to start working from a very young age, because our parents didn’t have enough money to put a roof over our heads, feed us, and pay all the bills. So, we’ve pretty much worked hard all our lives, and still, we haven’t managed to buy a house, and we’re still living from paycheck to paycheck.

But let me take you back. For many years, I struggled with narcotics addiction, but I’m glad to say that I have been clean for seven years. Unfortunately, our tough upbringing, my addiction, and health problems have taken their toll. Although for the last number of years, both my wife and I have been working full-time, six days a week, we still struggle to make ends me.

On top of that, a few years back, I had to spend eight weeks in the hospital because I was seriously ill. Seeing as I didn’t have insurance because I couldn’t afford it, the medical bills began piling up. So, when I came out of the hospital, we were in serious debt. Naturally, our credit score plummeted, and now we have no chance of getting a loan, not to mention a mortgage. What’s more, during that time, my teeth began rotting, and I haven’t been able to afford to get them fixed. This has done very little for my confidence, so I find myself reluctant to look for a better-paid job.

The boys are getting bigger, and we really want to provide them with a better future. All three want to go to college, but I know that is not we can never afford all 3 of them unless we fix our credit, and pay past medical and utility bills.

A couple of months ago, we found out that the house we’re renting is up for sale, so we now have to find a new home. When you’re strapped for cash, this is hard.

All I want is a nice family home, get my teeth fixed, and help our boys to build a better life for themselves than my wife and I have had. But this is only possible if I can rais the funds, and that’s why I’ve started this GoFundMe campaign.

My funding goal is 150,000 Any donation is much appreciated. The money will give me dental implants, buy a home and repair our credit,