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Please Help This Family

Dave and Gill McIntosh were preparing for the birth of their second child but Covid-19 changed everything… Dave has been one of our closest friends for over 18 years, this friendship expanded when he met his wife, Gill in 2015. Dave and Gill were planning to celebrate the birth of their second child in a […]

Let’s help izamar in his fight against lupus

Hello, my name is Claudia Izamar Batista, I am 23 years old and I need your help. I have been fighting Systemic Lupus Erythematosus for three years, and my options are becoming less and more expensive; I had a “normal” life, I was studying Administration at the Centro Universitario de la Costa, in addition to […]

Help Free Wellington and bring Awareness to Wrongful Convictions

Please help Wellington Rosa raise money to hire an investigator and an “effective” lawyer this time as he works on exonerating himself since the system has failed him in many ways and times. Imagine spending over 20 years in the prison system for a crime you did not commit? It is long overdue that justice […]

Help our daughter fight Leukemia (ALL)! Help Grace

Help our daughter fight Leukemia (ALL)! Help Grace! Grace, our daughter, had been a very healthy infant. She took all her vaccinations without incident. She was bright and happy. She rarely got colds. Then just before she turned 19 months she started to limp. It looked as though she had sprained her ankle running around […]

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After being in a bad car accident I am required to have surgery on my spine. Due to insurance policies and pre existing conditions I can not receive coverage. Please anything no matter how small or how big will be greatly appreciated. Help me get this operation so I can still play with my children!

Please Help Baby Vivian GoFundMe Campaign

Baby Vivian needs Your Help

Baby Vivian witness the gruesome murder off his mother in the united states of America and his fathers needs financial help to take him back to jamaica Janice traveled to this country in October 2019 in the hopes of giving her son and herself a better life. Tragically on September 18th, just 11 months after […]

Please Help a Friend Move to Redding

I have a friend named Alli who lives down in southern California with her Dad. She moved there is March 2020 from the midwest with all these hopes and dreams of getting a nice job there but 1 week after arriving America got shut down and majority of the world got orders to stay at […]

Help Josiah get started with his music

I need to get set up so I can share my music!! I promise it will make a difference and I won’t leave out any donor. In fact, I’ll make a personalized song for whoever donates.

Nikaury’s Medical Emergency Fund

Nikaury Portalatin Peña is an intelligent and loving 18-year-old young lady from La Romana, Dominican Republic. Nikaury was born with a benign disease known as Neurofibrosarcoma, which is the development of tumors that develop in the cells surrounding the peripheral nerves. Neurofibrosarcoma is considered a soft tissue sarcoma- cancer that originates in soft tissue. There […]