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Help david speak again. Throat cancer

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Loose skin removal surgery

Hi everyone if you have the time please read, the rest of the photos are at the bottom of this description in more detail. I am hoping to raise enough to get rid of this, the top photo is my breast with the red bit covering my nipple. I  have tried Microneedling, creams, serums, exercise, eating […]

Medical Debt

Hi everyone, my name is Kat, Im 19 and Im trying to raise money for medical debt. A little bit ago I started having what I found out later were seizures. Medicine has brought them down a good bit but at the end of last year they were at their worst. An old roommate, not […]

Amputee Needs Prosthetic

Very difficult times This is very hard for me because I have always worked hard and earned my way through life, but suddenly I am in the most difficult situation I ever imagined. The year began with a diagnosis of skin cancer in February. It’s on my face next to my nose. Surgery was scheduled […]

Together We Can Bring Michael Home

please check campagin as i had it re written by a professional so it should be good in there please also go through campagin and grab any pics you want for press release whichever you think will do well DO NOT INCLUDE THIS TOP PART HERE IN ANY POST ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ When traveling on holiday, you […]

Megan’s Fund – Stroke Survivor

Fundraiser to help fund my wife’s rehab expenses post stroke . . . Megan has spent her life in the care, training and nurturing of others, and in rescuing and fostering wildlife. Everyone who has encountered her knows her to be a most wonderfully caring and loving individual – please help us to return her […]

Debo’s Pretzels

Looking to do to things. 1) Have the ability to thank you to everyone who offered me support while I battle needing an organ transplant and cancer and 2) Bring a dream into reality by starting a business using a healthy pretzel I created and use 75% of all profits for various charities and the […]

Covid hospital bills & recovery

I’m a 44 year old mom of 4 & 2020 has taken toll on my health. I’ve been rushed by ambulance 3 times this year. Twice for my blood pressure and once due to Covid & have had 2 hospital stays. I do have insurance but it does not cover everything & I’ve exhausted my […]

Help Mico Battle Cancer

Mico lives in the Philippines where you must pay for an operation at the hospital before it is administered. He has cancerous cervical lymphadenopathy and must be operated on right away. His family has no money to pay for the operation and asked for my help. They are close friends of my fiance.

Help Kit-Lo Walk Again:(