Getting Back on my feet

My name is Ryan Philip Rundle I am a former US Marine who saw two tours of combat in Afghanistan. I am a 100% disabled veteran due to multiple head injuries and diagnosed with training brain injury which now leaves me with severe memory loss, seizures and PTSD. In December 2019 my wife who is […]

Help keshia get some of her savings back


Hi All, I hope you’re having a good day so far. I’m reaching out to you because I have many deaf friends in America and Canada and I wanted to share my story with you. Being born Deaf, BSL (British Sign Language) is my 1st Language and communication is key in the Deaf Community. Having […]

Small Business Covid-19 Relief Help

Need help rebuilding my life

My name is Eric, I am a college graduate. Earlier this month, my car was totaled in an accident that I was involved in. Unfortunately, due to the value of the was declared totaled by my insurance company and , since I still owe payments on the vehicle, the settlement will go to who […]

Help with car repair

Hello everybody. My name is Chris. I live in a small town without a public transport system. I am asking for help so that I may have the opportunity to find work. I wish to be self sufficient. Please, will you help me get my car repaired so that i may do so? It would […]

Bahamas Cocktail

Hello everyone! During this pandemic We were forced to live under different rules and get used to a different lifestyle. As a result of our current situation, we are unable to socialize in public places. This project states otherwise, it ensures that you can experience the same pallet of cocktails flavors from wherever you are, […]

Please Help a Friend Move to Redding

I have a friend named Alli who lives down in southern California with her Dad. She moved there is March 2020 from the midwest with all these hopes and dreams of getting a nice job there but 1 week after arriving America got shut down and majority of the world got orders to stay at […]

Help Colorado Family Get Back On Their Feet!