NDPH Treatment for Teoy CrowdFunding Booster

I’m raising money for my husband to get the Reed procedure done for his NDPH! He has been suffering for five years. The procedure cost $48000 out of pocket since our insurance don’t cover it being out of state. Please, he needs this. I’m afraid of losing him to this disease if we don’t get […]

More Than Depression CrowdFunding Booster

My main vision for MoreThanDepression now is turning it into a community-based website for people that struggle with mental illness. I want to create a cross-platform site & app that anyone can join. I want them to be able to post their stories and talk about their struggles. I want to provide a safe community […]

Protect My Children CrowdFunding Booster

I am trying to protect my children from family members who are mentally, emotionally, and destructively abusive. They are physically abusive to others, not towards my children that I am aware of. I have a restraining order in place to protect myself but the courts felt the children need to visit with such family members […]

MoDesk CrowdFunding Booster

Our Ergonomically designed laptop case treansform into a Mobile Field desk/ Desk riser!

Relief for the Young Athlete CrowdFunding Booster

I volunteer as a coach for the school track and field/cross country team. These programs are not funded and these kids have gone a long time without. All I ask is for help getting the kids a track set that they won’t have to worry about paying out of pocket for and to give them […]

Help Sophie Muchaidze Medical Treatment for 6 years girl (TSC. Epilepsy)

Sophie Muchaidze – is already 6 years old with TSC (rare disease) Drug resistant Epilepsy. Autism.  Mitochondrial dysfunction and Secondary Fatty Acids Oxidations  problems (FAOD), due to wrong treatment by Keto-diet and incorrect treatment with drugs. Her epilepsy have got worst: from Complex partial seizures with secondary generalization, to Tonic-clonic with total generalization and her […]

Provide Food And Clothes For 22 Ugandan Children

My name is Nina and I am currently supporting a little girl and her family from Uganda. Tracy is already getting ready to go back to school next month thankfully to the support she has been already given… Unfortunately there in her area are 21 more children, orphans or with 1 parent only, that need […]

Funeral for Tomrna GoFundMe Campaign Booster

Tomena unexpectedly passed away on Dec. 29, 2019. With no means to pay for the funeral arrangements we are asking for some help. Tomena was a loving wife and mother. On the morning of Dec. 29 Tomena’s blood sugar dropped and the ambulance was called. On the way to the hospital her heart stopped and […]

Please help This little Shiba Inu puppy GoFundMe Campaign Grace Do

Please help This little Shiba Inu puppy GoFundMe Campaign Grace Do

Kenji is a 7 months old Shiba Inu. I has gotten him through a friend who had given up on him because of the family issue. He is a sweetheart, playful puppy I have ever seen. When I brought him  for fully check up vaccination, he has been diagnosed with a severe SAS (Subvalvular aortic […]

Harlem Hahz Funeral

Death is never easy and this one definitely hit home , at the absolute wrong time. Asking for help is never easy. We his 7 children are asking for assistance to transport Hassan’s remains from VA to New York City. We ask that you, who love him family or friends, please find it in your […]