.25¢ #ChangeChallenge GoGetFunding CrowdFunding Exposure

.25¢ #ChangeChallenge |$2,500.00 guaranteed weekly payroll You are nominated to take the #ChangeChallenge. Limited worldwide positions available for only .25¢. We have partnered with both, an International and USA based, set of businesses in the Financial sector. Whereas your .25¢ guarantees both, future placement into our Partner Firm’s initial business model and payroll earnings of […]

Food Truck for the homeless GoFundME Viral Exposure Campaign

I want to take action to impact the lives of approximately 3,800 homeless people in Dallas, TX who struggle with hunger. The money you contribute will assist me in buying a food truck as well as the necessary supplies and equipment to get this show on the road. My focus will be breakfast at first. […]

Danielle Nicole Woods GoFundME CrowdFunding Exposure

Danielle Nicole needs our help. She lives in Red Oak Iowa. She has worked as a Corrections Officer for the last few years. Recently She has been diagnosed with Arteriovenous Malformation (AVM). Affecting her lower left side of brain, which this rare brain disease is found in 1% of the population. She was treated for […]

For the love of Jax GoFundME CrowdFunding Exposure

Hi there, Y’all know how much our Jax means to us….he is a rescue, Pitbull mix.  Our stay in Costa Rica will be coming to an end as we slowly prepare our venture back to California. I have come across some barriers and I am realizing how much a Pitbull and or Pitbull mix, and […]

Together we can save Taylor’s arm GoFundME CrowdFunding Exposure

If we could all please give a little to help this amazing person, she is having a hard time right now  with medical bills after having surgery to fix Erbs Pasly after living in pain for years, I am hoping we all can find in our hearts to help this amazing person get through this […]


My daughter is in an extremely horrendous relationship.  She is being verbally and emotionally abused.  Her husband is drinking heavily and I am very worried. The whole atmosphere is not good for her or her children.  She has found a place so she can move out but does not have the funds for the rent, […]

Fashion Desire Victoria Secret Satisfied Best Lingerie for Her The FREUTOY by Hiddenjoy Clothing NYSE LB

Fashion The FREUTOY Desire Victoria Secret Satisfied Best Lingerie for Her NYSE: LB L Brands Inc

COLUMBUS, Ohio, Oct. 14, 2018 — Many desire sexual gratification much more than others. Others even need help here are some tips to get you going for those who have trouble getting it on. Spend time getting to know your curves. Try standing in front of a full-length mirror and just see yourself. Admire what […]

Survivors Against Child Sexual Abuse SACSA GoFundME Boost

We are attempting to build, with the help of some courageous people, a nonprofit called Survivors Against Child Sexual Abuse SACSA. WE NEED YOUR HELP! The picture of what it looks like and all services to be provided is in developing stages. You can find us on FB and also if you’d like more information […]

Save Chucho and His Eye GoFundME Campaign

  Chucho Gallardo is just a regular 23 years old guy just like your son, brother, or nephew: a university student who has never been in any kind of trouble, has dreams of traveling the world, and enjoying life to the maximum.  Chucho has never put much value in material things, he would rather be […]

Karen Baxter Community Service Dream GoFundMe Crowd Funding Campaign

My name is Karen Baxter and I am starting a community resource center locally and hope to branch out to other cities. I have loved helping people. I am raising money to offer community services for the Community Help Hub. This money will buy much needed supplies and office equipment. I started this service with my […]