Help with car repair

Hello everybody. My name is Chris. I live in a small town without a public transport system. I am asking for help so that I may have the opportunity to find work. I wish to be self sufficient. Please, will you help me get my car repaired so that i may do so? It would […]

Bahamas Cocktail

Hello everyone! During this pandemic We were forced to live under different rules and get used to a different lifestyle. As a result of our current situation, we are unable to socialize in public places. This project states otherwise, it ensures that you can experience the same pallet of cocktails flavors from wherever you are, […]

Please Help a Friend Move to Redding

I have a friend named Alli who lives down in southern California with her Dad. She moved there is March 2020 from the midwest with all these hopes and dreams of getting a nice job there but 1 week after arriving America got shut down and majority of the world got orders to stay at […]

Help Colorado Family Get Back On Their Feet!

Sales Talent Group – Redefining Sales Recruiting

Please visit Indiegogo for all campaign details. Thanks.

To help Jhon Carlo for his surgery and recovery

Please help my nephew for his medical surgery and recovery for the wounds in his neck and armpit that he is suffering for five years.His parents don’t have a job,he’s currently in the Philippines.They need help.Thank you so much. Donate today

GoFundMe USA 5 Best Places to Share Your GoFundMe Link


My life has been severely affected by COVID-19 just like many other Americans. I have been unemployed for 6 months now and just about 3 weeks away from being homeless. I am actively seeking work, but have reached a point where I cannot travel to or accept a position if I cannot afford gas or […]

Nikaury’s Medical Emergency Fund

Nikaury Portalatin Peña is an intelligent and loving 18-year-old young lady from La Romana, Dominican Republic. Nikaury was born with a benign disease known as Neurofibrosarcoma, which is the development of tumors that develop in the cells surrounding the peripheral nerves. Neurofibrosarcoma is considered a soft tissue sarcoma- cancer that originates in soft tissue. There […]

Please Help Brianna Fight cancer for the 2nd time

Please help Brianna Fight cancer for the 2nd time, Brianna is 8 years old and she’s is a patient over at Joe dimaggio Children’s Hospital in Hollywood, FL. Brianna been fighting childhood kidney cancer since 2018, she was able to beat it in 2019 but unfortunately she had a relapse this year and now she’s […]

Marci has MS GoFundMe Campaign Medical, Illness & Healing

Marci Has MS GoFundMe Campaign

I have MS. I’m supposed to use a walker to help balance but I hate using it because it is cumbersome. I haven’t worked in some time. I write science and technology news for the business and general communities but right now I have visual changes that impair me and hand eye coordination issues. Your […]