Help me recover after having all my tools stolen

I had rioters break into my van while at my hotel and stole all my tools more than 50k worth of power tools, test equipment and personal belongings stolen. These are needed to do my job and the fact it has been a struggle this yr. I had accumulated these tools necessary to do my […]


Hi Everyone, I Am Coming To You Today With A Sincere Heart On Behalf Of My Friend Jessica. Her brother has passed away from COVID 19 and she is left all alone with his funeral bills. Jessica has lost her job due to COVID and cannot afford to pay her brothers funeral bills, nor can […]

Help! I’ve been accepted into SEP program!!

Hi everyone!! Based on an analysis of poverty and statistics, options were created by the Cannabis Control Commissions-CCC. Their social equity program-SEP is for individuals and communities disproportionately harmed by cannabis prohibition. The Social Equity Program-SEP ensures that communities have access to ownership training programs, technical assistance, and capital… to reduce and remove barriers to […]

Help Nancy pay for Solar installation

Seeking assistance to raise money to purchase a solar system for my Mum who has recently lost her husband to Parkinson’s disease, As she is an aged pensioner at 80, a solar system would reduce her power bills to almost $0, one thing less to worry about while she is grieving her loss of her […]

Help raise fund for my future father in law

Hi everyone, I would like to ask for a little help for my future father in law. He was recently admitted to Makati Medical Center in the Philippines due to heart failure, kidney failure, and is also a Covid19 positive. Medication for this kind of illness would be a challenge especially to his family. They […]

GoFund me

Nates mates

My four year old is dying from brain cancer

Debo’s Pretzels

Looking to do to things. 1) Have the ability to thank you to everyone who offered me support while I battle needing an organ transplant and cancer and 2) Bring a dream into reality by starting a business using a healthy pretzel I created and use 75% of all profits for various charities and the […]

Need help for medical and well being

My name is Michael Torres a sous chef in the culinary industry. This is not something I would normally do but I have to try. I was suffering in mental illness which a psychiatric did not treat me well with meds resulting me into blacking out while driving. I had an allergic reaction towards welbutrin […]

Do black lives REALLY matter?