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My Wife’s Autistic Brother Needs Surgery

Ok, so my wife has a brother, my brother-in-law. We live in Denver, he lives in Florida with his and my wife’s mom. He has severe autism, seizures, and panic attacks. He had a seizure and hurt his jaw during it. He went to the specialist and he has to have surgery. He is scared. […]

Dental implant

Hi, My name is Michael Petrillo. I’m from West Orange, NJ. I live here with my wife Judith and our three sons John, 16, Michael,13, and Joshua, 12. Let me tell you our story. Both my wife and I grew up in poverty, with both sets of parents struggling to provide. We met and fell […]

Help Susin Dental & Disabled YOU can Help GoFundME Campaign

I’m Susin. I’ve been dealing with some things that have really been tough lately and I found out very Quickly how fast things can turn up side down. I was experiencing severe toothaches and gums were red and bleeding back in October. I’d been run down and really not feeling good for a while. I […]

Amazing Safe and Fast Dental Extraction CrowdFundingExposure.com

Amazing 3D design idea! Developed over more than one year, this great idea and 3D designs of that new dental elevator. ┬áMy 3D designs help patients to get safe and fast extractions. Help elderly patient to extract any tooth easily and fast by support that new amazing elevator There are two main types of 3D […]