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I am raising funds to pay off the costs of my GRS surgery that saved my life & finally made it worth living. It would have never been available on the NHS in time in the UK where I live. It would be at least another 5 years if I waited on the NHS. I have been on waiting lists for 3 years & have not yet been prescribed even hormones by a UK Gender Identity clinic. Transgender people are treated less than human than other citizens in this country & even critical medical care is limited to them as has happened to me. I had to borrow the money against my home to pay up front for it all, which will take me to near retirement to pay off if I can find the money for the monthly repayments & all my other bills while I am recovering. I traveled to Delhi in India for my surgery in March 2019 because in the UK it would of cost more money than a bank would ever lend me. After the operation took place I was not able to work for 8 weeks. When I returned to work I was not allowed to be on light duties. It was either do the heavy physical job role or go another 4 weeks without pay. I ended up with an infection which delayed my recovery. UK medical insurance won’t cover me while I’m out of work & statutory sick pay is less than someone receives if they are unemployed. This increased my debt further. Donations will help me to keep up payments on the huge debt I have had to put myself in to give myself a life worth living . The NHS have also stopped prescribing me medication of hormone replacement treatment & I now need to find money to pay for my medication including medication for an enlarged prostate gland that was diagnosed during my surgery in Delhi, India. Please donate as little or as much as you can to help me have as close to as an equal life as other UK citizens who do not suffer from the limitations forced upon them for being transgender.

Update. After recent scans there is a complication with my surgery. I now need to travel back to India for revision surgery. I have been quoted upwards of 1000USD with the cost of flights on top of that. I do not have this money & there is no way I could find the money with the debt I already have.

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