Steve needs 2 surgeries by Chrissy Goodrich

Steve needs 2 surgeries by Chrissy Goodrich

Steve has such an amazingly positive energy towards every day. He loves helping others just because he can. He has done countless handyman projects and assisted people with diet/exercise plans without asking for anything in return. I’ve seen him pull over off the road to help strangers load/unload equipment just because he could tell they […]

Lost Job Covid-19 of a Father Husband and Good Man

Personal Assistance for Lost Job Covid-19 of a Father, Husband, and Good Man

Personal Assistance for Covid-19 Job Loss affecting a good father, loving husband, good friend. This is a gofundme page made for someone other than myself to stand as replacement income due to job loss. He was forced to stay home due to health concerns from the covid-19 outbreak and not being able to protect himself […]

Help Orsova Hospital fight COVID GoFundMe Campaign

Help Orsova Hospital fight COVID GoFundMe Campaign

Orsova Municipal Hospital needs our help in the fight against the pandemic created by SARS-CoV-2. The hospital is newly renovated, clean, with a medical personnel completely dedicated to the community. It is a small province hospital without next gen equipment, unprepared for the fight with this virus. The fact that this hospital has been put […]

My Handicapped Son James Needs Your Help GoFundMe Campaign

My Handicapped Son James Needs Your Help

My Son James is Mentally Handicapped and NEEDS YOUR HELP he needs help with Medical Assistance. He suffers with schizophrenia and is the nicest, lovable, helping, happy go lucky kid you would ever want to meet… James needs help your help and has only had family to turn to until today. Any contribution $1. ,$5., […]

Bob Birdman Bird

Hello Friends… I really appreciate all the attention this is getting on my behalf. I’ve truly never felt so cared about and scared at the same time. I’m a U.S. Army vet that is in trouble and could use your shares and prayers. The Pic you’ve seen on this page is the result of the […]

Chris’ bone marrow transplant GoFundMe Boost

After battling lukemia for 5 years my husband is finally down to our last option, a bone marrow transplant. He will need a caretaker the whole time so i will go with him. We will have to move across state for 3+ months. The goal is to keep our place here in bristol so we […]

HELP Melissa's Fight GoFundMe Boost

HELP Melissa’s Fight! ♥ GoFundMe Boost

No one is ever prepared to receive a phone call that changes your life that will leave you to struggle with changing your body image for the benefit of your health… As a very private individual who keeps her health, medical conditions and life to herself, this time I am calling on all ANGELS. […]

Finger Tip Funds GoFundMe Booster

Back in September of 2019, while busy on a woodworking project I lost control of a piece of lumber and my index finger tip was ground off by a high speed cutting blade. At the time (naturally on a Saturday morning) I immediately went to the local emergency room for treatment as I was bleeding […]

Stopping William From Becoming Homeless CrowdFunding Booster

In the year 2019 I had two strokes and am now on a walker, and facing homelessness in the middle of winter. I’m asking any on who can, to please help. I never invisioned that it would come to this. I’m a month behind on rent and most of my bills. I applied for disability […]

Josh De Lara Fighting For Life Due To Depression CrowdFunding Booster

DEPRESSION IS A SILENT KILLER. My name is Eva De Lara. My son, Josh Payton De Lara is 19 years old. He arrived in Canada in 2016. He is a happy, outgoing, friendly, and God fearing child. During high school, he was bullied, and in 2017, we were on the receiving end of a traffic […]