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Christians Emergency Surgery Recovery

What was supposed to be a routine surgery quickly escalated into a near-death infection, one week hospitalization, two following surgeries, and pneumonia to top it off. Needless to say the recovery time I was told of 4 weeks now has a 3-month minimum. I am now on bed rest for another 4 to 6 weeks […]

Secure my supported accommodation

Struggled for years with anorexia. I’ve got myself back in track but the first lockdown triggered a small relapse. I was living independently before this but but due to struggling cane back to live with my family. I’m been accepted for supported accommodation. This includes support with meal preparation, shopping and cooking and support with […]

Help us save Duke ♥️

Hi all thanks for taking the time to look at our page. We’ve had our beautiful boy since September 2015 and he’s filled our lives with happiness (& nuisance) ever since. He’s welcomed a newborn, who is now his best friend & partner in crime, saw our girls start schools & been part of us […]

Support Carla to Recovery

Friends graciously setup a GoFundMe to help with the rising medical bills for my wife who was recently diagnosed with Leukemia and had to be hospitalized for ten days during her diagnosis. This has led to missed work and easily hitting our out of pocket max on insurance which is the current goal of the […]

Help a Struggling Youth

My name is Therman, I am an aspiring youth living on my own for the first time. I feel as though I have a purpose to help struggling youth like me, but the enemy came in and disguised itself as true love . Rather I did not accept the truth that God was giving me […]

Team Laura by Jodie Urban GoFundMe Campaign

Team Laura by Jodie Urban GoFundMe Campaign

My name is Jodie.  I have known Laura and Mike for around 20 years now.  My husband and Laura went to school together and have known each other for most of their lives.  Laura is my sister, and her kids are family.   My four kids and her 2 have grown up together, and this […]

Finger Tip Funds ZumaFunder.com GoFundMe Booster

Back in September of 2019, while busy on a woodworking project I lost control of a piece of lumber and my index finger tip was ground off by a high speed cutting blade. At the time (naturally on a Saturday morning) I immediately went to the local emergency room for treatment as I was bleeding […]

Stopping William From Becoming Homeless ZumaFunder.com CrowdFunding Booster

In the year 2019 I had two strokes and am now on a walker, and facing homelessness in the middle of winter. I’m asking any on who can, to please help. I never invisioned that it would come to this. I’m a month behind on rent and most of my bills. I applied for disability […]

Family in need GoFundMe Boost eMediaWorld ViralExposure ZumaFunder.com

My friend set this up for us to help us with Christmas and our bills during this very difficult time in our life. We don’t want to lose our house or be disconnected or not to be able to give our children a Christmas. Any help is greatly appreciated. http://gf.me/u/w67nc2

Burnt 3rd degree 25% of body by pressure cooker GoFundMe Boost ViralExposure ZumaFunder.com EMWNews

Need help with household bills and medical bills because I can’t go back to work for a year