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Norma recently fell at home and fractured her hip and required surgery. She had three screws put in and her recovery will take six to eight weeks, all of which will require her to be in a rehab facility.

She has Medicare Advantage and it will cover the first 20 days of her care. After that, it’s $170/day until day 100. She’s on social security and has no other source of income. So she cannot pay for the additional costs out of pocket.

While she can turn to the VA for possible help in terms of going into a rehab facility, there’s no guarantee that will happen. And if she got approval, she would be transferred to another facility that’s far and away from family. Preference is given to veterans who have a service connected disability. So going the VA route is a long shot best.

She’s also incurring other expenses while in the hospital and rehab, including the transportation and deductibles not covered by insurance.

Any help is appreciative.

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