Help us save Duke ♥️

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Hi all thanks for taking the time to look at our page.

We’ve had our beautiful boy since September 2015 and he’s filled our lives with happiness (& nuisance) ever since. He’s welcomed a newborn, who is now his best friend & partner in crime, saw our girls start schools & been part of us for what seems like forever but has only been 5 precious years. He is literally our fourth child & we love him unconditionally.

On Tuesday at 11pm (18/8/20) he ran up our back garden, like he always does, & buckled & fell to the floor. He yelped, growled & barked. When I went to see what was going on he was scooting around on his bottom instead of walking. Immediately scooped him up in my arms (all 48kg of him) & drove to the PDSA. We waited outside for the update & heard the words ‘spinal injury’. Never in a million years did that cross our minds, our Duke with a spinal injury. After hearing those words everything else seemed clouded, jumbled, my breathing changed and I couldn’t process what we were being told. We were told it could be a slipped disk, nerve damage, a cyst, a tumour & a couple of other things that I can’t remember. We were advised to get an MRI scan which could cost between £1000-£3000, we simply do not have this sort of money lying around. Unfortunately we cancelled our pet insurance at the beginning of lockdown, due to being furloughed we had to cut costs & this is one of those things we should never have cut. Massive lesson learnt, but hindsight is useless now. At the moment Duke cannot walk, he has no use of his back legs and we don’t know specifically why at the moment, or if he’ll ever be able to walk again. We are following advice of absolute bed rest and using a sling to help him walk on his front legs while supporting the weight on his hind legs. We are due back at the vets in a week to see if there has been any improvement. 

It is absolutely soul destroying to bring him outside to the toilet & see his playful eyes light up at the sight of a falling leaf, then to see the life leave his eyes when he realises he can’t run & bark at it anymore. To see his tail wag when we bring the kids downstairs in the morning knowing he can’t jump on them & give them a big sloppy bullmastiff kisses. To hear the doorbell ring & watch him struggle, trying to get up to see who’s there. 

Please please please help us, help him.

At the moment we’re trying to raise enough to get an MRI scan to see exactly what we’re dealing with. Any amount would be so appreciated I can’t even begin to put it into words. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this.