Help Us Rescue & Save Pets & Fund Pet Charities

Pets are being abused, abandoned and left living in horrible conditions. I want to do something to make a real difference. And with your help we can save pets and other animals. My goal is to create a self sustainable funding source by opening Sadie’s Paw thrift store dedicated to helping pets as well as […]

Help with Angel’s surgery

Hello everyone, my name is Dorothy and I am fundraising to help get our dog Angel a needed surgery. Angel sustained an eye injury December 18th 2020 which caused her to go blind in her right eye. Due to excessing swelling and the chance of her eye being a source of pain in the future […]

Buying a home to continue dog sitting business

In Colorado Springs, dogs love us! Their parents are grateful to find a loving home to care for their pups with us.  Prior to the pandemic, we were poised to double our earnings from the first year.  2020 has actually halved our income.

Olivia Requires Immediate Surgery

PLEASE SHARE: My precious beautiful Olivia requires surgery immediately. I recently discovered a tumor located on her cervical area (throat). Olivias surgery is estimated to cost approximately $5,500 – $6,050 for a diagnosis because of where the tumor is located 🙁 With your love & support Olivia will be able to begin the process of […]

Paws Up for Ginger The Chihuahua

Hello, My Name is Nick. and I am trying to raise support for my dog as she recently had been diagnosed with thyroid cancer in Mid-September. The vet told us that there was very little hope for our only family pet to make it out of surgery alive and here she is today. However she […]

Help for Ozzy, fund his current bills and future bills

I’ll start by saying thank you for stopping by to read up on Ozzy’s updates. I’ll give you a little back story to my little Morkie. Ozzy was purchased back in March of 2012. He was so small he could fit in your hand. I never thought he would grow up to be a 10-12lb […]

Please help save Zytus

This little guy is Zytus. He is my leopard Gecko. I got him last year on Sept. 7th 2019 and we have been inseperable since then. Everything seemed fine until recently a couple weeks ago before his birthday he has not been eating. His usual diet consists of meal worms but he wont even look […]

Starting non-profit for handicapped dogs

Hello my name is Dr. Laura J Richardson. I am trying to start a 501c3 nonprofit organization to help handicapped dogs. There are thousands of handicapped dogs in the United States. Many of them are neglected or put to sleep each day. It is my goal to start a dog sanctuary so that handicapped dogs […]

Building An Animal Rescue

My name’s Tamara , I’ve been a veterinarian technician for almost 5 years now. Working in animal shelters , animal boarding facilities , animal clinics etc. Myself & My Team have had enough watching animals dumped at shelters for medical reasons , abandoned at clinics in critical conditions , used for breeding then discarded or […]

Save Kimchi Fried Rice

My 8 month old kitten was experiencing grand mal seizures and once we brought her to an emergency vet we were told that she has a birth defect which caused a liver stent. Her blood is not being detoxified so she needs a life saving surgery to fix the issue. The surgery costs between $3-4k […]