Freewilds – A Fantasy Detective Novel

Hello, my name is Michael Scott. Thank you for visiting the Kickstarter for my novel: Freewilds. This project is to help me fund, at least in part, the beta reading, developmental editing, proofreading, cover art, publishing, and ultimately marketing of my novel. Let me explain what it is about. Taking place in an original, medieval […]

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The Poems of Common Sense Book Campaign

The poems of Common sense book is an incredible book consisting of twenty-one poems. One part of the book is the English version. The other part of the book is the French version. Each poem has its own flower. Anyone would love these poems as they stand for our everyday lives. These are the most […]

Creating Social Media Influencers Boot Camp Campaign

Creating Social Media INFLUENCERS? The second week of January 14, 2019. I will be running a 21-Day Private Bootcamp to show you exactly what I did to have people contacting ME DAILY about my business. Learn exactly how I went from being a Student/Follower to becoming an Influencer in my Niche within a 2 year […]

Buy Wearable Glow Art Campaign

Glow Art® is my registered trademark. Glow Art® is a portal to experience the ethereal through the use of everyday earthly items, Including people, make up lighting etc. It expands the mind to the limitlessness of the universe It is GOD Source inspired photography. Available for your enjoyment. I do it to expand the conscious and unconscious […]

LAST BOXER STANDING The WCCLBS Championship Projecy IndieGoGo

THE BIG PICTURE This crowdfunding project aims to fund part 1 where we will bring you the 1st LBS FOUR NATIONS CHAMPIONSHIP “Back in the Jungle”. ABOUT PART 1 “Back in the Jungle” will bring the next big fighting event back to Africa following on the “Rumble in the Jungle” fight between the legendary Muhammad […]

Best YouTube Channel Vaping Products 2016

I have YouTube reviewer of vaping products.  Hey I’m a vaping enthusiast I have been Vaping on and off for 4-5 years. I started on cig-a-likes , upgraded to an e-pen and from there I started building coils, dripping and whacking up the wattage . I kinda skipped the mech mod route and went straight to […]

Blincam Wearable Camera Wink Activated Pictures IndieGoGo Viral Marketing

BLINCAM is a wearable camera that attaches to any pair of eyeglasses. All you have to do is wink to capture any moment you see, exactly as it happens. Beautiful scenery, smiling faces, authentic moments you spend with your family or friends, all preserved with BLINCAM. BLINCAM is a wearable camera that responds to winking […]

Time to make a record?

DONATE Today! Well folks, I’ve been back in Louisiana for six months now, been giggin’ with some great cats, meetin’ some very talented people…time to finally record my stash of songs right, on tape, with a roomful of gentlemen who know when to lay into a groove, all playin’ together…I have Darryl White on […]

Orionsole Marketing

So thankful for all the shares and donations so far it means alot! Working towards the goal to help more and more people! DONATE Today! Hello my name is Simon and I am the CEO of Orionsole Marketing simply put I love helping people so let me explain what it is I want to do. […]