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So thankful for all the shares and donations so far it means alot! Working towards the goal to help more and more people!

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Hello my name is Simon and I am the CEO of Orionsole Marketing simply put I love helping people so let me explain what it is I want to do.  So no question crowdfunding and online donating has made a huge impact on many people lives and families.  I want to tap into the very essence of this so I can help as many people as possible with their needs, visions and goals.

DONATE Today!  http://bit.ly/Orionsole_Marketing

We want to offer our clients exceptional market and financial growth for their start up, business, project or personal cause by using efficient resources, contacts and marketing techniques to start them off in the right direction.

and the best part is….

You only pay us after you get your investment proof and we can deduct our service fee out of that! (Based on Percentage raised or a set amount decided from the start)

So essentially we only take money after we do the work!

We are asking for donations for the following:

1.  A professional website – a place where people can comfortably browse and consult with us explaining their project, business, personal cause, or any other endeavor we can help with!
2.  Media outreach – It won’t do anyone a lot of good if no one knows we exist!  we will use some of the donations for marketing, media and ad placement so people will know we are here to help!
3.  Jobs for people – I want to be able to hire people that need jobs to help us out.  And by doing this we can bless someone with a job so they can bless someone else by their work and it just keeps flowing!
4.  Full time job – My heart is really in doing this its always been in helping people that I feel at peace.
Some of the donations will help in me eventually doing this full time.

DONATE Today!  http://bit.ly/Orionsole_Marketing

We are eternally grateful for any amount of money that can be donated to this business.  You just don’t know the impact you will have in so many different lives.
We are looking to have the funds  as soon as possible hopefully by summer as we are very interested in going ahead and getting things started so we can help people!

I am serious send me a message directly at our official Facebook or Twitter page and tell me about any business ideas, projects or personal causes we can help with!

Discounts will be given to donors!

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DONATE Today!  http://bit.ly/Orionsole_Marketing