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Creating Social Media Influencers Boot Camp Campaign

Creating Social Media INFLUENCERS?

The second week of January 14, 2019. I will be running a 21-Day Private Bootcamp to show you exactly what I did to have people contacting ME DAILY about my business.

Learn exactly how I went from being a Student/Follower to becoming an Influencer in my Niche within a 2 year period.

Due to the nature of this information (which I do not share publicly, I can only let 25 people in) The cost will be a one time fee of $49.97.

The “Curriculum” will be specified on the application Form.

This is not a set of webinars and where you just do videos and no homework. This is Hands-On Training and you will have homework for each of the 21 Days.

This is not First-Come-First Serve Situation. There is an Application Form and Approval Process.

One Lucky winner will win $10,000 worth of prizes.

If you are interested in filling in an application, please COMMENT on this post and Private Message me with “I WOULD LIKE TO APPLY”.