Freewilds – A Fantasy Detective Novel

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Hello, my name is Michael Scott. Thank you for visiting the Kickstarter for my novel: Freewilds.

This project is to help me fund, at least in part, the beta reading, developmental editing, proofreading, cover art, publishing, and ultimately marketing of my novel. Let me explain what it is about.

Taking place in an original, medieval fantasy setting, the Freewilds is a region of dense forests and untamed grasslands that lies far to the south of the Eminent Empire.

Lukarde Alfans, a dedicated constable and brilliant detective, begins to investigate a string of grisly murders and mutilations, ultimately uncovering the existence of the Cult of Ebon and suspecting its leader, Elrick Castille as the perpetrator of these foul crimes. Having derailed their efforts, the Cult of Ebon frames Lukarde for one of the murders, forcing him to go into exile.

The novel follows Lukarde’s travels across land and sea as he evades execution for a murder he did not commit while building a case and gathering evidence to clear his name and bring the Cult of Ebon down, potentially stopping a war in the progress.

I am very excited to bring the story of Lukarde Alfans and the Freewilds to as many readers as I can. I could certainly use your help to achieve all this, and I have set up this Kickstarter for that purpose. Please like and share this Kickstarter, and if you can, donate whatever you feel the project deserves.

I have set a modest funding goal of $2,500, which will cover a portion of my publishing budget. At different tiers, you will be guaranteed a copy of the novel in either digital or physical formats, depending on the tier you donate at.

I will also have addons for signed copies, and a few bonuses as well, such as having your name appear on the Backer’s List page or even having a character based upon you make a cameo somewhere in the book.

With your help, I hope to achieve one of my life’s greatest dreams!

Thank you so much for your time and consideration.

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