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Michelle Judd

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My Leather Key Fob

We have designed a beautiful handmade leather key fob that stops your keys wearing holes in your trouser pockets, catching on the lining of your handbag and prevents your keys from scratching your mobile phone. Our aim is to produce a beautiful product which you’ll love and which you can gift to your friends and […]

Star Dusk (6″ Scale) Action Figure Series Kickstarter

We are pleased to introduce Star Dusk! A premium line of futuristic 6″ (1:12 scale) action figures from Fox Forge Toys LLC. This brand new action figure line includes unique, original character designs, weapons/accessories, and 30 high quality points of articulation. The Star Dusk line also provides army building collectors the opportunity to bring the […]

Knights of Aelir: Story driven RPG

We are small indie game developers trying our luck with first project on Kickstarter. Knights of Aelir is a mobile single player role playing game for all hardcore enthusiasts whose are missing good old RPG elements in modern mobile games! More info about our game on

ECOtainment Games/ Kickstarter

ECOtainment Games, are 3 games in 1, that will provide Friendly Environmental Education to the whole family in an entertaining way, will make possible a change of attitude towards our planet. Players will understand, from an environmental point of view: · What is going on in our planet? · Why is it happening? · How […]

HANGAR 66 deluxe graphic novel volume #1 (by Max Bertolini)

Are you ready for an epic post-apocalyptic tale of human survival in an unrelenting world of oppressive new world government control, that is, a stylistic cross between Game of Thrones and Mad Max? Of course, appropriately. HANGAR 66 comes from the mind of (Mad) Max Bertolini. Max and HANGAR 66 are quite well-known in Italy […]


Making Mural Art Buyable Justin Marshall Blake, is an artist bred in the city of sin with many inspirations stemming from the streets of Las Vegas. Infusing the urban or street graffiti style with abstract realism, thus making an “Urban/Abstract Realism” artwork. Grasping art at the young age of three it quickly became the platform […]

QAnon Social Website

This site is going to be similar to Facebook. The profile page will be customizable. You will be able to add pictures, videos, and post your own news/opinion pieces. You will be able to create your own groups in which you can add a forum. There will also be many public forums available to join […]


Space Command is a hopeful vision of the future, a science fiction TV series starring legends of sci-fi and the silver screen such as Doug Jones, Nichelle Nichols, Robert Picardo, Mira Furlan, Bill Mumy, Armin Shimerman, Barbara Bain, Christina Moses, J.G. Hertzler, James Hong, Bruce Boxleitner, Michael Harney, Ethan McDowell, Byran McClure, John Hennigan, Faran […]

My Crowdfunding KS

The all new STROND vintage automatic timepiece just went live on KS. Inspired by the iconic 1930’s DC3 airplane, the dial tags are made form a 1930’s Douglas DC-3