HANGAR 66 deluxe graphic novel volume #1 (by Max Bertolini)

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Are you ready for an epic post-apocalyptic tale of human survival in an unrelenting world of oppressive new world government control, that is, a stylistic cross between Game of Thrones and Mad Max?

Of course, appropriately. HANGAR 66 comes from the mind of (Mad) Max Bertolini. Max and HANGAR 66 are quite well-known in Italy and Europe, but this is the first time that this tale of survival and adventure has been translated for English reading audiences!

Joining forces with publishers Jeff Messer (of Masterstroke Studios) and Jack Eagen (WTF Publishing and Issues With…) to bring his black and white vision to life for a whole new audience of comic fans! Bertolini is fast making a name for himself as a visionary artist and storyteller, and this is the first time EVER that his works will be translated for English readers!

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