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Making Mural Art Buyable

Justin Marshall Blake, is an artist bred in the city of sin with many inspirations stemming from the streets of Las Vegas. Infusing the urban or street graffiti style with abstract realism, thus making an “Urban/Abstract Realism” artwork. Grasping art at the young age of three it quickly became the platform and lifestyle that would infectiously create the person that he is. Gradually converting the common medium from pencil to spray can and developing a style of art that is truly unique today.

We are selling massive, one of a kind, hand-made art online. And when we say massive, we mean huge art able to fill massive spaces. Our largest pieces get up to 7′ x 6′. Taking the spray paint mural from the wall or building outside to the home and office. We have an online website you can purchase this art from

We want this to be big. Justin has created and created and created. And the speed in which he can do this is breath-taking. He can produce some of the 7′ x 6′ paintings in only hours, not days. He is always challenging himself to do better, bigger, and quicker. This level of motivation is truly commendable in any industry. We are totally and completely inspired by Justin’s amazing talent and we just want to spread this art. We are getting great feedback already and we are excited to see what more of the public thinks about our massive residential/commercial art, as we get it recognized by an increasing of an audience. We know Justin puts his heart and soul into every piece, and every piece is made 100% uniquely. Every time Justin picks up a paint can or looks at an empty “canvas”, it is like his imagination comes to life.

We also, focus on YouTube, Custom Projects, Digital Art Prints, and Merchandise.