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Never in a million years do we think of losing a loved one, never does it cross our minds that the person standing next to us today won't be standing there the next day. When life is full of joy, love, and laughter the thought of death is nonexistent... This is prime example of the saying TOMORROW IS NEVER PROMISED!

At the wee hours of the morning on December 07. 2019, lives changed as tragedy struck when a car accident claimed the life of three young men, family to each other by blood but brothers by heart.

Molomona Eteaki, age 31, husband to Keasi Taisia Eteaki, son of Lomekina & Solomone ‘Eteaki and the eldest child of 9, a hardworking man full of character left us all in devastation when he took his last breath of life just days before what would be his 4th year wedding anniversary, TODAY.

With visions of living a better lifestyle with minimal struggle in Tonga and being the eldest child, Molomona took on the responsibility by coming to the US to fulfill his duties to his family by diligently working to provide financial stability for his parents and siblings ensuring their well being and their needs are taken cared of and at the same time maintain his life here.

While here in the US to serve his purpose, Molomona found the love of his life Asi, December 12, their 4th wedding anniversary, they planned on celebrating by going on a surprise trip to Tonga for Christmas to be reunited with his parents and siblings after not seeing eachother for 10 years. Sadly the tables has turned and now his parents will need to go through the process of coming here to witness the burial of their beloved son.

No one is ever prepared for the unexpected and with the arising funeral costs and the expenses deemed necessary to bring Molomona's parents to the US to see him for one last time before he is laid to rest, we humbly come before you and ask for your support in any way possible. We hope with any leftover monetary donations that Asi will do her best to continue honoring her late husband’s wishes of supporting his younger siblings tuition fees overseas.

We greatly appreciate and thank each and every one of you for all the love, support, prayers and generosity.

With love,
Uola and Eteaki Family

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