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Mother of 5 Needs Help After Husband’s Stroke

My husband had a lateral medullary stroke on 12/8/20. He’s 45 years old. The stroke has left him unable to provide for his family until he has more time to heal and recover. He’s left with severe dysphagia (inability to swallow). He has a feeding tube for us to give him his meds, formula and […]

Megan’s Fund – Stroke Survivor

Fundraiser to help fund my wife’s rehab expenses post stroke . . . Megan has spent her life in the care, training and nurturing of others, and in rescuing and fostering wildlife. Everyone who has encountered her knows her to be a most wonderfully caring and loving individual – please help us to return her […]

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Extra help for needed Surgury

Gregory Duckworth Massive Stroke & Surgery Help GoFundME CrowdFunding Exposure Campaign

My brother Greg Duckworth on September 18, 2018 had a massive stroke leaving him in a severely impaired state. He had immediate surgery to remove the clot from his brain. Upon awakening he was unable to use his right hand and unable to perform skills i.e. math, reading and didnt even know who his family […]

Andy’s USA Breakthrough Treatment GoFundME Booster ViralExposure.us

I need help from the kindness of strangers to get my wonderful husband over to Florida, USA, from England, for breakthrough stroke treatment. Hi, I am Kathryn and this fundraising page is for the love of my life, my husband, Andy. We both met on a dating website 7 years ago. I’m sure it was […]

Handicap Renovations Needed for Mom ViralExposure.us GoFundMe

4 years ago my father-in-law, Jim, suffered a stroke and my mother-in-law, Paulette, became his caretaker to spite her own illnesses. About 6 months ago Mom was diagnosed with dementia and, needless to say, things became increasingly more difficult. Now, on August 14, 2018, Mom suffered a stroke and hers is much worse than Dad’s […]