Mother of 5 Needs Help After Husband’s Stroke

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My husband had a lateral medullary stroke on 12/8/20. He’s 45 years old. The stroke has left him unable to provide for his family until he has more time to heal and recover. He’s left with severe dysphagia (inability to swallow). He has a feeding tube for us to give him his meds, formula and water through. He is very weak, and fatigued. He has crippling pain in his head/neck as a result of the stroke, and an inability to sense hot/cold on half of his body. We have 5 children in the home to provide for, ages 18, 8, 6, 5 & 3. My husband needs someone with him around the clock for the time being. We would love to be able to get 5-6 months of household expenses covered, so he can focus on healing and recovery without that added stress. We will also be utilizing funds for treatments for dysphagia (speech therapy, hyperbaric oxygen treatments, and others).

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