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Megan’s Fund – Stroke Survivor

Fundraiser to help fund my wife’s rehab expenses post stroke . . . Megan has spent her life in the care, training and nurturing of others, and in rescuing and fostering wildlife. Everyone who has encountered her knows her to be a most wonderfully caring and loving individual – please help us to return her her to that state

7/20/19 my wife, Megan suffered a massive ischemic stroke followed next day by a secondary brain hemorrhage.

Memorial-Hermann Hospital, Texas Medical Center in Houston have performed wonders in saving her life, and in starting the rehabilitation process but Megan is still paralyzed down her right-hand side and has limited speech capacity.

Rehabilitation will painful, lengthy, and expensive.

I am fully committed to being her caregiver 24/7, and am asking for your support to help me give her the best possible chance at recovery.

Please do donate, but also please also forward this appeal to your own social media followers and invite them to contribute