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4 years ago my father-in-law, Jim, suffered a stroke and my mother-in-law, Paulette, became his caretaker to spite her own illnesses. About 6 months ago Mom was diagnosed with dementia and, needless to say, things became increasingly more difficult.

Now, on August 14, 2018, Mom suffered a stroke and hers is much worse than Dad’s was. 4 days after her stroke, Mom and Dad celebrated their 57th wedding anniversary. She will be leaving her first rehab facility headed to a more intensive one on Monday, 09/10.

Medicare and Tricare for Life will allow for 100 days of therapy. Mom can, currently, speak fairly well until she gets tired and that is about it. She is on a puréed diet because she cannot swallow and she cannot lift herself at all. Her goal and ours is to be able to bring her home. That, right now, is not possible.

We need to completely redo a bedroom and add a handicap bathroom to even have a chance. I have consulted with a licensed contractor and feel confident that we could move forward if we can come up with the money.

This is a very hard thing for our family to do by asking for money; however, I would do anything within my power to make Mom’s dream of coming home come true.

Thank you, in advance, for your help! I know we will never meet; but, please know that your generosity will not be forgotten.


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