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Dakota Deserves more

About a Teen who has taken on a lot in life and how him and his sister and brother lost their only dad figure and one the last things they did together as a family was buy a house he was the sole provider for the family and they want to raise money so they […]

Paws Up for Ginger The Chihuahua

Hello, My Name is Nick. and I am trying to raise support for my dog as she recently had been diagnosed with thyroid cancer in Mid-September. The vet told us that there was very little hope for our only family pet to make it out of surgery alive and here she is today. However she […]


Just a single dad trying to give his son the kind of life he deserves.

Please help me find love and confidence

Hi my name is David Johnson and I was born with a micropenis. A micropenis is a penis that’s less than 2 inches.  Because of my micropenis I’m not able to find love. People usually falls in love with my personality and charm but once they see me naked they’re no longer interested. At age […]

Rest In Peace Dad, Kevin Lamar Clark, I Love You.

Hey everyone, my name is Kenneth Clark and two weeks ago I lost my best friend, my everything, my beautiful father, Kevin Clark. My father passed away tragically in our house at the age of 56 and I have been completely lost ever since. My dad was a Los Angeles County Probation Officer for over […]

Wayne Sapiane Family ZumaFunder.com CrowdFunding Booster

Wayne was talented, loving and homeless. He was murdered senselessly. His Son and his Son’s Mother are devastated. No one deserves to die cold, homeless and in broad daylight the way he did.

Father of 2 Young Children Asking for Help by Danny Ortega

Father of 2 Young Children Asking for Help by Danny Ortega

On May 26th, 2019,  a young father of two was working delivering pizza to support his family. After working a hard day of construction before his pizza shift, Stephen looked forward to taking it easy as he went door to door with the towns pizza needs in hand, in return for tips. Unfortunately the universe […]

Dave Goering-Jensen GoFundMe Boost eMediaWorld ViralExposure ZumaFunder.com

Heaven gained an angel 12/9/2019. Makayla, his 6 year old daughter lost the light of her life (her father). She was his angel since the day she was born. Dave was taken from us when he had a heart attack while driving, which caused his accident. He leaves behind his parents, brothers, sister and many […]

Mother And Daughter Needs Help moving to Los Angeles GoFundMe Boost ViralExposure ZumaFunder.com EMWNews

Hello my name is Beverly Bowman, Daughter name Tamia Bowman! We went to Los Angeles for my daughter acting audition in front of agencies. She was accepted by four agencies, and soon we returned back home. But now we need to live in Los Angles to start her acting career, but we need your help […]

Helping are family move forward GoFundMe Boost ViralExposure ZumaFunder.com EMWNews

Me and my wife had a miscarriage a few weeks after finding out we were expecting a year ago. Afterwards things were a little rough between me her and her 12 year old son. A little while later things started getting a little better bit by bit, we moved into a new house fixing it […]