Rest In Peace Dad, Kevin Lamar Clark, I Love You.

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Hey everyone, my name is Kenneth Clark and two weeks ago I lost my best friend, my everything, my beautiful father, Kevin Clark.

My father passed away tragically in our house at the age of 56 and I have been completely lost ever since. My dad was a Los Angeles County Probation Officer for over 25 years and had been working under extreme stress from his marriage. My siblings and I loved my dad with all my heart and he had been recently trying to help me recover from an esophagus surgery. He was such a loving father and worked hard to provide for his family.

My father had benefits since he worked for the probation department, but currently my mentally ill mother refuses to use them to bury my father. My siblings and I are scared that we aren’t going to be able to put our father at peace. We just want to honor our dad and give him the proper burial he deserves.

I’m crying and nervous just writing this because I feel as if I might fail him in providing a burial, but I just want to ask if you guys could possibly donate any amount in helping us with this. I’m sorry if this post wasn’t as elaborate as well, it’s been so hard to seek help during these dark times. Thank you for reading this and just taking the time to hear my cries for help. Please feel free to contact me at 9515333227 for any questions. I hope you all have blessed days and stay safe out in this world.