Help me stay with my loves

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Today I woke up to an email from my attorney. Since I am an immigrant, he said potentially on May 6, 2021, my work permit will no longer be valid and I will be asked to leave the country. My heart sank. I immediately burst out crying. I felt like my world has come crashing down and everything is falling apart. It hurts. It is a pain that wouldn’t go away. I tried looking for alternatives but nothing. My attorney said he can’t help me unless I pay him more fee. I do not have the finances. I still work a 40 hour job but it all goes to my bills.

So if you have ever been in love, please help me. I cannot bear another emotional trauma of being away from the one person and two beautiful little kitties I love the most. You are my last hope. Please help me. They day I make it out of this, I’ll return this favor in any way possible. Help me stay with my loves, please. I just want a chance to fight in the court for my love.

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