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Fighting to keep my daughter GoFundME CrowdFunding Exposure Campaign

I am fighting against a corrupt family court system. As of September 24th 2018, a judge in Washington county took away my life. He ordered that I and my three children move away from our home, to live over an hour away and within 10 miles of my abuser and give my daughter to him […]

Stephanie Lloyd Childbirth at 40 struggling at 50 GoFundME ViralExposure

I was an exceptional woman with success before marriage. Suffered years of mental, physical. Pregnancy at 40 rough. They wanted me to abort her. I was kept in the hospital last trimester. I have lupus, asthma and insulin diabetic. While pregnant I had heart failure, lung failure, heart failure, kidney failure and fluid building constantly. […]

Letters to the Soul by Seanna Smallwood Advocate Against Domestic Violence

Letters to the Soul by Seanna Smallwood Advocate Against Domestic Violence

This book ADVOCATES FOR DOMESTIC VIOLENCE Survivors and helps heal WOMEN & CHILDREN.  The mission is to get the book in the hands of SURVIVORS before they become VICTIMS – wake them up and EMPOWER them to change their life and the lives of their You.  “The ego is nothing more than a process by […]

Help the sisters get away! GoFundME ViralEXposure Campaign

Imagine waking up one morning like usual and you are happy and ready for work and suddenly all that changes. That’s what happened to my sister Nickie and I Thursday. My sister and I work from home and we absolutely love it. While she was working her male friend storm in the house. He had […]

Break the Cycle One Woman at a Timr Fire Sisters Rising CrowdFundingExposure.com GoFundME Viral Promo

Fire Sisters Rising, LLC was founded in 2016 when the Founder and CEO, Charlie Cardin, started sharing her story online to empower domestic violence survivors to know not only are they not alone but that they can overcome the effects of abuse and move into a life of passion and purpose. Since inception, Fire Sisters […]