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Imagine waking up one morning like usual and you are happy and ready for work and suddenly all that changes. That’s what happened to my sister Nickie and I Thursday. My sister and I work from home and we absolutely love it.
While she was working her male friend storm in the house. He had gotten very angry and verbally aggressive.

e noticed his behavior start to change last year but this year was something different. He began yelling and breaking Nickie’s belongings. He even would throw things at her. She wanted to leave but was too afraid to do so. But all of this changed Thursday afternoon.

He had just gotten home from school and he was slamming doors like always and yelling. He went into Nickie’s room yelling at her. When she asked him to please stop and wait until she is off work to talked he yelled, “STOP TALKING BACK TO ME, STOP TALKING BACK TO ME. SHUT THE “F” UP!!”

He eventually left her along for about five minutes. He again charged up the stairs and into her room. He pushed her monitors off her work desk and onto her, all while yelling, “You want to know what happened to the last B**ch that did what you are doing?” She told me you could see emptiness in his eyes and the anger. She was so afraid. He left the room.

When I entered her room she was standing her monitor back up while crying so she can finish assisting her contact. I closed her door and confronted him. I asked him why was he doing all of this when he knew she was working. He told me to mind my business and I told him she is my business.

That’s my sister. He charged up the stairs and attacked me and my sister ran to help.

He beat the both of us. He had me on the bed and Nickie jumped on his back trying to defend me. He had his kneed in our stomach and we both fought as hard as we could. He had us by our hair and we kicked and screamed for help all while fighting back. He hit her in the face, but her glasses took most of the blow. We bite him, scratched him and when I was able to get free I called the police.

We have never been in this situation before and we are horrified. We have never been this afraid before in our lives. We want to leave the apartments we are currently living in now. Nickie told me he said if she ever pressed charges or called the police it will only make things worse. We believe him. We just want to escape and find another apartment that he doesn’t know about. Please help us get away from him before he is release from jail. We don’t have enough money to move on such short notice and we are afraid to stay here and Nickie WILL NOT return to him. She has been trying to get a protective order and the whole process has been slow. Please help us. Anything you can give would be appreciated.

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