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I am fighting against a corrupt family court system. As of September 24th 2018, a judge in Washington county took away my life. He ordered that I and my three children move away from our home, to live over an hour away and within 10 miles of my abuser and give my daughter to him well over 50% of the time. He is the father of my youngest daughter whom is 6.

He has a criminal record, I am a domestic violence victim at the hands of this man. He was an absent father to my daughter until December of 2015, from then on he has taken me to court over 10 times, each time he gets everything he wants.The presiding judge wouldn’t let me enter evidence, when I spoke he had disdain for me, he refused to acknowledge the DV, the arrest record, as well as the controlled substance charge of my ex.

I have no criminal record, I have not ever been in trouble with the law in any form. I am a working mother. I go to school full time to better our lives.

Each of these things were also used against me in court. The judge ended his ruling with a threat to me, that he can and may still take custody away from me and give it to my abuser. I was discriminated against for being single and not having a partner in my life.

Please help me fight against this broken system that can destroy a families life. Please join me in fighting for justice, my children don’t deserve to have their lives ripped apart.

The money raised will go to hiring the best attorney to fight for My children and myself.


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