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Green Town Orphanage School Building Capital Indiegogo Campaign Launch

Green Town Orphanage School Building Capital Indiegogo Campaign Launch

Green Town Orphanage School Building Capital Indiegogo Campaign Launch To raise 3 million, would you be part of this historic journey.

GoFundMe Help Me Get My Son Back Home

I need help with an attorney to get my son back. I have talked to legal aid and pro Bono attorney neither which take my type case they say. Also need to pay for a guardian at litem for the motion I filed for this court case. After speaking to several different attorneys they have […]

Nikaury’s Medical Emergency Fund

Nikaury Portalatin Peña is an intelligent and loving 18-year-old young lady from La Romana, Dominican Republic. Nikaury was born with a benign disease known as Neurofibrosarcoma, which is the development of tumors that develop in the cells surrounding the peripheral nerves. Neurofibrosarcoma is considered a soft tissue sarcoma- cancer that originates in soft tissue. There […]

Help Us Move

Hi everyone! First off, I want to say this is very hard for us to do. We are not the type of people who ask for help financially. We are swallowing our pride to make sure we are doing the right thing for our family. On Monday April 13th, our oldest daughter Briella was smacked […]

Help Education in Brazil due to Covid19

Five years ago, I made my dream of opening an early childhood education school for low-income children in my hometown, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil come true. The children’s families pay an affordable amount that is sufficient to help with expenses and whatever is needed more, I’ve been giving from mu own pocket. With my job […]

Support Gary Daniel Townsend GoFundMe ZumaFunder.com Booster

Support Gary Daniel Townsend GoFundMe ZumaFunder.com Booster

Hello everyone I am Carrie (Townsend) Jones, the sister of Gary Daniel Townsend and I created this go fund me page due to the request and support of so many people who want to support Gary Daniel Townsend in his fight for his children. There have been many requests for this page and for that […]

Help Ni Mol to open her coffee house in Cambodia ZumaFunder.com GoFundMe Boost

My Name is Oliver, I’m 33 years old from Germany. In February 2020 I’ve visited Siem Reap in Cambodia where I’ve met the 24 year old girl named Ni Mol. We fastly became friends and we stayed together for almost 2 weeks where she told me about her life and showed me how she lives. […]

Protect My Children ZumaFunder.com CrowdFunding Booster

I am trying to protect my children from family members who are mentally, emotionally, and destructively abusive. They are physically abusive to others, not towards my children that I am aware of. I have a restraining order in place to protect myself but the courts felt the children need to visit with such family members […]

GoFundME ZumaFunder.com CrowdFunding Booster

Home lost in severe storm in Alabama on Jan.11 2020. We have 2 babies and another on the way.

Lamar’s Fundraiser for Lake Scugog United Church Camp, Inc. ZumaFunder.com CrowdFunding Booster

Some children in the GTA are struggling because everything is expensive which makes it hard for the parents to give them even the basic needs.​ Some children are in foster care and are going from home to home. So they have nowhere to really call home because their living arrangements are not consistent in their […]