Help Education in Brazil due to Covid19

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Five years ago, I made my dream of opening an early childhood education school for low-income children in my hometown, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil come true.
The children’s families pay an affordable amount that is sufficient to help with expenses and whatever is needed more, I’ve been giving from mu own pocket.
With my job as a Flight Attendant in the United States and the advantage of the high dollar versus the Brazilian Real currency, during 2018, I build a second school for children with a higher standard of living and as well as the profit of this school to pay scholarships for underprivileged children in the first school.
Everything was going very well until we were hit by this darkness virus.
The parents of the second school have taken out the kids so they don’t have to keep paying because the schools are closed and this caused an impact on sponsoring to the first school.
At the school for low-income children, families can no longer contribute with any amount and without getting help from the second school, we can no longer pay rent and salary to our teachers and employees who are in a crisis and the final closure of the school is becoming a reality. imminent.
So, desperately, I come to ask everyone for help so that I can raise at least an amount that I can pay for rent of the propertie where we have the school at least until the end of the year so that we don’t have to stop our activities when the quarantine ends. At this moment we’re providing video classes to the kids.
The uncertainty that my job will still be available after October, when airlines are likely to lay off a large number of employees, makes school survival even more difficult.
I know it is a difficult time for the whole world, but any amount of aid, even a dollar would help us but if you cannot contribute financially, just sharing this campaign will help us a lot.
Thank you so much and may God bless us!