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Christmas Angels for Ron Cancer Treatment Fund GoFundME Boost PR Agency CrowdFundingExposure.com

Hi, my name is Toni Hilton. I am making this go fund me on behalf of my faithful and loving husband of 30 years, Ron. He is the father of 5 with the youngest being 12 years old. He was diagnosed with stage 4 prostate cancer that has metastasized to his bones on October 4th, […]

Cancer Cure Aurelio Ferreira Breast Cancer Support GoFundME CrowdFundingExposure.com

Hi my name is Aurelio Ferreira I am 25 years old. Four years ago the most important person in my life my mother past away due to breast cancer. I have a football team and it’s called Notorious Cure for the month of October for breast cancer. Our team decided to raise money for breast […]

My Mom Has Cancer, She NEEDS ME!

Click here to Support? http://bit.ly/luvmymom I need help getting to my mom since she’s been diagnosed with cancer for a 4th time. Time is running out.

Help him live longer to watch his daughter grow!

Help him live longer to watch his daughter grow! I’m doing this for my brother. He is in a battle with cancer. He has under-gone multiple surgeries, two series of chemotherapy treatments and radiation. DONATE Today! http://bit.ly/RobertMallany On June 1 2016 the hospital told him there is nothing more they can do. He is now […]

Mildred’s Beat Cancer Fund

DONATE Today! http://bit.ly/MildredsCancer Mildred was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer recently and is now undergoing treatment. This leaves her unable to work as a nursing home isn’t a good place for someone who is immune compromised. Mildred has been a care giver her whole life. Went to school as a midwife in the Philippines, […]

Help Walter fight the fight

It is with great difficulty that I even have to write this. I really tried to find the right words to describe to you about a man that I call my father. In every lifetime you have one dad, an I was blessed to have two. Although I had met him later in life,he loved […]