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Cancer help for my wife of 22 years

Trying to raise funds for treatment, travel, and other expenses involved with the 4.5 hour trip to treatments and doctor’s visits. We have been married 22 years, I have managed to support our family all this time, but now, the bills and expenses of this chapter in our lives is draining all we have.

Help Tom Live (Cancer Treatment Finds)

Tom has been diagnosed with mesothelioma lung cancer. He will need to travel to Cleveland, OH to receive treatment. Anyone who knows my dad knows that he will do anything to help anyone at anytime. Now is our time to help him. Tom is a Husband of 50+ years to Joyce, A Father to 4 […]

Back To School

I am a graduate of B.A International Business from Makerere University, Uganda and I have a dream of doing my masters degree and may be a Phd later God willing. But my focus and desire right now is doing a quality & accredited Masters Degree in Energy Management from one of the best International Universities. […]

Help david speak again. Throat cancer

Help Yana save her Mom! Fighting melanoma

Hello to all kind people here! With this fundraiser I am trying to help my friend’s mom who was diagnosed with metastatic melanoma. I’m sharing her message with you: My sweet mom, Ruslana, recently started her struggle for life and we so need your support to win this battle. In August 2020, I took my […]

Olivia Requires Immediate Surgery

PLEASE SHARE: My precious beautiful Olivia requires surgery immediately. I recently discovered a tumor located on her cervical area (throat). Olivias surgery is estimated to cost approximately $5,500 – $6,050 for a diagnosis because of where the tumor is located 🙁 With your love & support Olivia will be able to begin the process of […]

Baby Alicia Beating Cancer!

We are raising funds to help us with our baby Alicia’s fight against cancer. She has been fighting and beating a tumor since late January. She is a trooper! We see the light at the end of the tunnel. Unfortunately, combined with Covid – 19 restrictions it has been an immense financial strain. We are […]

Non Hodgkins Lymphoma wont beat Kandi Cancer Fund

Funding to help with medical and living expenses during treatment

Debo’s Pretzels

Looking to do to things. 1) Have the ability to thank you to everyone who offered me support while I battle needing an organ transplant and cancer and 2) Bring a dream into reality by starting a business using a healthy pretzel I created and use 75% of all profits for various charities and the […]

Help Mico Battle Cancer

Mico lives in the Philippines where you must pay for an operation at the hospital before it is administered. He has cancerous cervical lymphadenopathy and must be operated on right away. His family has no money to pay for the operation and asked for my help. They are close friends of my fiance.