Help Yana save her Mom! Fighting melanoma

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Hello to all kind people here! With this fundraiser I am trying to help my friend’s mom who was diagnosed with metastatic melanoma. I’m sharing her message with you:

My sweet mom, Ruslana, recently started her struggle for life and we so need your support to win this battle. In August 2020, I took my mother to a dermatologist, because her birthmark on her leg began to bleed. After several tests and ultrasound, it turned out that my mom has a malignant tumor.

It was a bad day for all of us, but we proceeded with examinations. The ultrasound showed that there are metastases in the lymph node.

My mom Ruslana is really weak but doing her best to be strong and live her usual life walking on crutches.

Recently, we managed to raise about $ 7000 with the help of friends and acquaintances. These money were spent for examination in Israel, where, unfortunately, the diagnosis “Metastatic malignant melanoma” was confirmed. So we have to buy medications to have an I.V. for every two weeks. Besides, PET CT is needed every three months to understand the current status of the disease. With all the treatment mentioned above my mom would have much more chances for recovery and bright days ahead before melanoma shows itself again.

We need to raise at least $ 25,000 to be able to afford I.Vs for a year and that would be a miracle in our lives.

I am more than sure there are lots of kind and big-hearted people on the planet. My family was always helping those who are weaker, and now we are the weak ones.

My mother is only 54, she is a young grandmother and she is a very kind and amazing person. We all love her so much and we are fighting for her long and happy life.

I kindly ask everyone who have read to this place to help me and my mom! I appreciate your time reading our story! My whole family thanks everyone whose heart is open to good deeds. God bless you!