Olivia Requires Immediate Surgery

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PLEASE SHARE: My precious beautiful Olivia requires surgery immediately. I recently discovered a tumor located on her cervical area (throat). Olivias surgery is estimated to cost approximately $5,500 – $6,050 for a diagnosis because of where the tumor is located 🙁

With your love & support Olivia will be able to begin the process of testing this monster tumor for cancer. (Prayers God Forbid)

She requires an X-Ray & MRI in addition to the cervical biopsy. Due to the location of the growth it will be impossible to completely remove the entire tumor. Best case scenario it’s benign. Unfortunately if cancer is detected cells will be left behind due to the position of the growth within the cervical area (blood vessels, thyroid etc) Chemo/Radiation would be our next step.

If you personally know me – I don’t need to emphasize much we love each other and all the sacrifices her & I have made to be together. I am beyond blessed to have my soul mate of 10 years by my side. I may have rescued her from a bad home initially – but she truly rescued me.

Her loyalty & the joy she brings to others is unexplainable. It is difficult to put into words how much I love Olivia & how determined I am to do whatever it takes to make sure she lives her best life. (I am certain I would maximize the character count allowed LOL)

I fell in love with her the first time I laid eyes on her cute little puppy head decorated with a big red bow underneath my Christmas tree in 2010. She is and always will be more than just a ‘dog’. Olivia is the reason I live. We have survived so much together – side by side. She is a beautiful soul inside & out.

With your generosity I will be able to make sure Olivia is happy & more importantly healthy. I am asking for help. Prayers & donations will help more than words could ever express ❤️ I thank you for taking the time to read about how important this is to me & everyone who Olivia has touched. Money is replaceable .. time is not.

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