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2020 is the year of our lives! WE WANT TO BE BORN!

My name is AnnMarie… and my name is Forrest. We’re two frozen embryos in Seattle, WA, and we’ve been waiting 10 years to be born. We’d really like to meet our parents, Bonnie and Sam, and two older siblings, Noni and Aidan, who were adopted from foster care. Oh, they’re in Seattle too.

We could let our parents make this campaign all about themselves, but they’ve gone through so much in the past 10 years to try and bring us into this world. Wouldn’t you rather hear from us? We may be frozen in time, but our spirits are alive and ready to see the world!

Okay… Forrest says we should share this note from our mom. We’ll be back as soon as she’s done.

A note from Mom: “Although having biological children of my own is no longer a path that I can pursue, I have faith that we will get to experience pregnancy through a surrogate. Sam and I have tried for 10 years to get pregnant, but our only successful attempt resulted in an ectopic pregnancy. After so many IVF attempts and uterine surgeries (a few without anesthesia!), I can no longer push my body to do something it cannot. We have two remaining embryos, frozen for the past 10 years, and we want them to become part of our growing family. We’ve named one embryo AnnMarie, combining the middle names of our Moms, and the other embryo is Forrest, to honor Sam’s uncle who passed away before Christmas last year from cancer. We pray for twins, but we will be blessed to welcome one healthy girl or boy. Our foster care-adopted kids, Noni and Aidan, really want a little brother or sister (ideally one each). We ask for prayers and donations for this gestational surrogate journey, and thank you in advance for either!”

Thanks, Mom. Back to us!

We want you all to be part of the journey with us. We’re going to post updates, pictures, conversations between us (kinda like that movie Look Who’s Talking). That way you can watch our progress and become part of a really big village that helps raise us!

A Host of Possibilities (AHOP) is our desired surrogacy agency. They’re a wonderful group of former surrogate moms and intended parents, who totally understand everything we’re going through, everything our surrogate will go through, and everything our family will go through during the journey to us being born. The team has worked with our fertility clinic many times, so they will make the journey as smooth as possible for us all.

Here are the payments our family needs to make to the surrogacy agency and to the fertility clinic where we’re currently suspended in time:

1) We match with our surrogate: $29,500 ($27,500 paid to AHOP for half the agency fee and an escrow account established for our surrogate, contract expenses, and etc. (we can attach a 2 page list if you like); $2,000 prepayment to our fertility clinic to begin our surrogate’s screening).

2) Our parents and our surrogate get legal contracts done: $7,500 (paid to AHOP, who coordinates all that for our parents and our surrogate).

3) When our surrogate gets cleared medically to carry one of us: $56,620-$71,620 ($11,620 paid to our fertility clinic for the our embryo transfer cycle & medications, and $45-60,000 put in escrow for medical insurance, life insurance, surrogate expenses, travel, and etc.).

Donations over our goal will go towards making sure we’re both brought into the world, one at a time for surrogate safety.

What else do you want to know? Please send us questions. We’ll answer as many as we can, with our family’s help… we are only embryos, by the way!


All the best,
AnnMarie & Forrest, embryos on a mission to be born!
…and our family: Bonnie, Sam, Noni & Aidan

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