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Surrogate Babies Fund: AnnMarie & Forrest ZumaFunder.com CrowdFunding Booster

2020 is the year of our lives! WE WANT TO BE BORN! My name is AnnMarie… and my name is Forrest. We’re two frozen embryos in Seattle, WA, and we’ve been waiting 10 years to be born. We’d really like to meet our parents, Bonnie and Sam, and two older siblings, Noni and Aidan, who […]

Holly Sawyer IVF Help GoFundME ViralExposure Booster Campaign

My husband and I have been trying to have a baby for almost 7 years. We have gone through 5 miscarriages and along with 2 still births our son Jacob and recently our daughter Lilly. I have also been through 1 stillbirth in 2005. I have gone through many genetic tests and due to my […]

Our IVF journey by Holly Sawyer GoFundME CrowdFundingExposure.com Campaign

I have been through over 10 miscarriages and 3 stillbirths around the 18 week mark. I have also been through chemo with one of my miscarriages due to it being a molar pregnancy. I have gone through every genetic test imaginable to find out I have a genetic issue that only 9 other cases have […]