Establishing Father’s Rights

My son is needing a lawyer to get his parental rights established. I have called around to different attorneys and legal aide and no one is willing to help until he pays $2000 down. I started the go fund me account because trying to keep things out of court ,which was the mothers request at […]

Trying to help my son and his bride to be get married and possibly go on a honeymoon


My Daughter and I are disabled and have special needs we can’t afford.

Help this Dad visit his children for a MONTH

Hello! This fundraiser is to help me visit my two little children (girl 7, boy 5) in San Diego, California. I’m a navy vet that got stationed in Virginia in 2015. I got out the navy so that I had the freedom to spend more time with them but past 5 years has been really […]

Support the Nelson Family

House fire in the mist of the holidays family needs help

Need financial help

2021 is quickly approaching and we have some legal issues we need to take care of next year. I know 2020 has been a hard year for everyone so if you cannot donate please share to people who can. I would go into details on why we need this amount but because of the situation […]

Dakota Deserves more

About a Teen who has taken on a lot in life and how him and his sister and brother lost their only dad figure and one the last things they did together as a family was buy a house he was the sole provider for the family and they want to raise money so they […]

Lost my son, need help for home and survive Lost my son, need help for home and survive

GoFundMe Help Me Get My Son Back Home

I need help with an attorney to get my son back. I have talked to legal aid and pro Bono attorney neither which take my type case they say. Also need to pay for a guardian at litem for the motion I filed for this court case. After speaking to several different attorneys they have […]

Help The Goldens Adopt

We are in the process of an adoption that came way quicker than we anticipated! After paying for our home study, nursery, profile listing, and initial deposits we need help with the remainder if the costs, medical needs and legal fees!