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Hello. My name is Kiesha. I am trying to raise money to be eligible to obtain a loan to invest into a “30 Minute Hit” franchise. Please check it out: It is a boxing/kickboxing high intensity training circuit for women. One of the qualifications a bank will have for SBA lending is a cash injection. From the banks point of view, they will review the total project cost and agree to lend approximately 70%-80% of the funds needed for the investment. The expectation for this type of loan is that the candidate is able to roughly inject 20%-30% of their own funds so the bank can see they have some “skin in the game”. So for example, if I have a project that is a total investment of $150,000, I might want to prepare to have $45,000 come from my own resources and the bank will lend me the remaining $105,000 I need. So with this being said, I REALLY need your help to get my future started. I have 10 month old twins and a wife to support and I would LOVE to have an asset to hand down to my children when it’s my time to leave this earth. I have served this country in the Army, so hopefully maybe you guys will come through for me.. just a little 🙂