Dog kennel, rescue and adoption

Looking to get into starting my own dog rescue and kennel always wanted to have my own business but could never get the support to start up. Please help and donate what ever you can. The funds from the campaign would go tawrds animal kennels, building structure, play toys, and food. I would be very […]

Running marine engine on HHO gas

Are you interested in being part of creating machine that can let marine engine run on water/HHO gas and that could reduce the carbon footprint amazingly? I am from Iceland and have been working as a fisherman from time to time since I was 19 years old. As I got older, I started to think […]

#thevillagehutcafe #africancafeinlosangeles

Help us create job opportunities as we will be partnering with local farmers here in the states and in Africa for all our natural produce and tea . We also plan on working with Africans in the diaspora to promote our beautiful African culture through our food and art. One of our goal is to […]

Help me make my dream come true, own my restaurant

Hello, my name is Diego Cosanatan, I am 22 years old, I am originally from Peru but I have lived for some years in the United States, New York to be more exact, thanks to the efforts of my parents I was able to study cooking, a career that I love with all my being. […]

Help Support my Small Business

Were a very small business that love helping our Community with their Junk Removal needs etc. were only trying to keep our business a float during these Pandemic times we are happily accepting any donations please visit us at for more info.

‘Haunted’ – A Horror Game

Hello guys, My name is Steven and I am working on a horror game. It’s called ‘Haunted’. It is not that typical horror game you know. It is more than just jump scares. I will be very happy when we reach together the goal of 1000€. It is not much and together we can reach […]

E-Commerce Recovery Initiative

Joy cometh in the morning

Many people often complain about their ordinary job but rarely make changes to fulfill their true happiness. I personally will not let my boring factory job hold me back from doing what I really enjoy. I am seeking capital in order to step away from my day job and venture out onto my own and […]

Fresh4Life Catering

Fundraising for company progression and marketing as well as employee support! Hey! Ashonte here! I know I’ve been off the map for a while, and really there’s no excuse for that and I do apologize. However I’m back with MAJOR NEWS. God has given me a life changing opportunity! I just started my own catering […]

Support Small Black Business-Fitness Center Support Fund

Now more than ever, during this unprecedented time of COVID-19, there is a heightened need for overall health and wellness. I am inspired to provide a safe space where clients can come and receive personalized quality care.