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Relaunch of Mega Fun (UK)

Hello, I am Gerald Garrett. Almost 17 years ago I started ‘Mega Fun (UK) – Entertainment and Leisure Services’ as a hobby and since then I made it in to a full time business and have received many inquiries that proceeded to contracted bookings but due to investing this income back into the business I have never been able to raise enough funding to full fill my dreams of not just trading as an entertainment agency, but also providing a UK nationwide bouncy castle/inflatable and fun entertainment equipment hire service.

Working as an entertainment agency carries high risks as well as high rewards, it allows me to meet and offer work to a variety of acts and entertainers but it is a risky business as there is no guarantee of secure income. I now need to make sure that I can guarantee a secure income due to family committments, my children and general living expenses, and I believe that the way to do this is to purchase my own equipment and provide an inflatable and fun entertainment equipment hire service where I receive the full cost of the hire and not just a commission, therefore relaunching Mega Fun (UK) as an agency and inflatable hire service.

In the past, some enquiries that I received were for the hire of fun equipment that was not available in the local area, approaching providers of the fun equipment outside the local area meant higher delivery charges, which made a customers quote well above their available budget and causing disappointment, one of our aims is to provide this fun equipment at more affordable prices, another aim is to provide employment for approximately 6 people and purchase the equipment ready for the 2017 summer season.

Due to an adverse credit history, I am unable to get the amount required by way of a bank loan, government business loan or grant, therefore I decided to open this campaign as a way to gain donations to help fullfill my dreams.

I would greatly appreciate ANY donations that you can give (it does not have to be much). I am raising money to relaunch Mega Fun (UK) as an agency and hire service and ALL the proceeds will go towards obtaining new premises (office with warehouse), office furniture, fun entertainment equipment, a TV/Radio advertising campaign, outdoor banners, roller banners and all the necessary required insurance. I have dreams of possibly becoming the largest entertainment hire service on the south east coast.
Again any amount is appreciated and welcomed!

Whether I succeed at becoming the largest entertainment hire service, or not, it is my belief that I deserve a chance to try.

“Believe In Yourself !! Have Faith In Your Abilities !! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or happy.”
[Norman Vincent Peale ]

If anyone is interested in reading more about the plans of Mega Fun (UK) before making a donation, I would be willing to provide you with a copy of the Business Plan, just send an email to requesting it.

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Thank you.

Gerald Garrett
Senior Executive / Owner
Entertainment Consultant
Mega Fun (UK)