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Save Connie Hackney & Sonnys home GoFundME CrowdFunding Exposure

September 10th, 2018 Kenny Hackney suddenly passed away – due to a heart attack.  He left behind his best friend & loving wife , Connie Hackney. They met in 2008, fell in love and married March 9th, 2009.  Their love was one made for the movies – a love fairy tale. Best Friends, soul mates – […]

Help For Cortland GoFundME CrowdFunding Exposure Campaign

My one and only daughter recently became engaged, and I want so much to give her the wedding that befits a princess!  A BEAUTIFUL HEART & SOUL of a woman named Cortland wants to give her only daughter the wedding ceremony deserving of a princess. Grand Mal seizures, chronic pain, frequent hospitalization, and medical bills have […]

Our Future Sandra Achilli GoFundME CrowdFunding Exposure Campaign

Bring my horses home and start my businesses. Hi my name is Sandra Achilli I’m a 34-year-old single mom of a six-year-old little girl. I know that we all have our struggles and everybody has a story to tell but my life like many has been very hard especially in the last four years. In Feb […]

For the love of Jax GoFundME CrowdFunding Exposure

Hi there, Y’all know how much our Jax means to us….he is a rescue, Pitbull mix.  Our stay in Costa Rica will be coming to an end as we slowly prepare our venture back to California. I have come across some barriers and I am realizing how much a Pitbull and or Pitbull mix, and […]

Surgery for Angela GoFundME ViralExposure.us Campaign

I need money for surgery to remove my Kidney Stone and other medical expenses such as medication and appointments. I have a Kidney stone that won’t pass and I’m at risk of an infection if I don’t undergo surgery. I am asking for any amount of money that you can spare. Every penny helps immensely! […]

Karen Baxter Community Service Dream GoFundMe Crowd Funding Campaign

My name is Karen Baxter and I am starting a community resource center locally and hope to branch out to other cities. I have loved helping people. I am raising money to offer community services for the Community Help Hub. This money will buy much needed supplies and office equipment. I started this service with my […]

The greatest of these is love! GoFundME CrowdFunding Exposure Campaign

On June 25th my mom Darlene was diagnosis with pancreatic cancer. As a daughter and my moms best friend i can not imaging not doing everything possible to get her the treatment she desires and needs. The doctor here in the us gave her no hope, but God! Doctor here in the US were cold […]

First Responder Jake Morrill Needs Help Medical Bills Assistance GoFundME ViralExposure Campaign

When I was a baby I was diagnosed with a bicuspid Aortic Valve. A BAV is the Aortic valve that has two leaflets instead of three and can cause complications where your body doesn’t get enough blood flow or there isn’t enough blood removed from the left ventricle. My parents and doctors have been keeping […]

Help Michael and Laura Mcdougle Kidney & Pancreas Transplant GoFundME Campaign

Help Michael and Laura Mcdougle with wife’s medical expenses. My wife has type 1 diabetes has had it for 35 years it has done really bad things to her body 2 months ago could not get her sugar under control. I put her in the hospital she had a stroke on top of it. Her […]

Help Stacie Get Surgery GoFundME Booster CrowdFundingExposure.com

I am in need of a surgery that won’t fully be covered by my insurance company. This surgery is to help correct a feminine issue. I’m sorry I don’t feel completely comfortable telling everyone, so if you want to know please inbox me and I will further talk about it. Please if you can spare […]